New Top Chef Judge

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  1. Emeril joins 'Top Chef' as new judge: Bam?

  2. I have no idea on the new judges. will have to see. However, Emeril drives me nuts and can't see him and Hugh making a good match. hugh was on this last season of Masters. I don't remember anything particularly memorable about him. The Texas thing has me intrigued. With the drought down there, how will that impact the show? will they be able to get fresh "local" foods? Can't wait.. Have seriously missed this show.
  3. Yuck, Emeril ! But can't wait for the show to return.
  4. Hmmmm why do they feel the need to do this?? No one likes change, and I dont like Emeril!! LOL

    If he is going to BAM every challenge then I am tuning out!!! :tdown:
  5. Emeril? I just don't see it...
  6. I guess a lot of people don't like/care for Emeril, but I'm giving him my support because of his unflagging support of New Orleans & his own staff of hundreds in the days, weeks, months & years after Hurrican Katrina. He tracked them down, found them housing & jobs in other cities (if necessary) and has not just cut his losses and left for easier, greener pastures.
    So for that, I will support him in this new role!

    The three cities approach will be weird; I wonder why they opted for that route? And since Texas is a huge beef state, how will the vegan/vegetarian chefs fare? LOL...
  7. I remember Hugh's unibrow. :graucho:

    Hopefully Emeril will keep his shtick dialed down. But the one thing that makes him lose a ton of credibility with me is that he adds oil to the water when he cooks pasta. That is a MORTAL sin as far as I'm concerned. :lecture:
  8. Couldn't stand Hugh on TCM. I don't mind Emeril though.

    It certainly can't be any worse than that POS Project Runway which I am cheerfully boycotting after last seasons ridiculous finale. Of course they didn't end Top Chef very well their last regular season either iirc. :P
  9. +1 I can understand Emril, but wtf, how did Hugh get on there.