New Tokidoki's?

  1. I emailed Tokidoki and they replied saying that new bags were coming out in the summer. LeSport Sac says they know nothing about anymore bags being released through them.
    Does anyone have any info. about new Tokidoki's coming out?? I don't know if I should wait or just buy one off of eBay.
  2. I think the tokidoki bags they are talking about will be the just plain "Tokidoki" bags, not the "Tokidoki for LeSportsac" bags, like we're used to seeing. The release date for these is rumored to be July, August, and September, one new print per month.

    I'm not sure why LeSportsac wouldn't know about this, though, since they are supposed to be the manufacturer.
  3. There is a bunch of info about them here.
  4. does ny1 hav pics of the th 3 new prnts?
    i must no
  5. nope ... no pics have been released yet.
    oh but if you happen to be in L.A., you can go to JapanLA and look at pics in a catalog.

    I wish I could be there to look :sweatdrop:
  6. i am close by to LA. is JapanLA a store that i can stop by to check out the catalog?
  7. Yes! They have the catalog and will let you see a picture of the prints. I also heard that they are going to be released one print per month.
  8. oooh thansk for the info!! I wanna go to Japan LA.. lets take a trip!!
  9. can som1 post the pics frm the catalog pleez
  10. Click here for a sneek peek at the new tokidoki prints....

    They are from the new pool trade show in vegas and in some of the pics you can see the new Carnival bags print, the new concerto punk print (on the hat) and the new eco mondo print in the back ground (messemger bag on the floor).

    Enjoy !:heart: