New tokidoki watches

  1. I just checked out and I see they have a few new Toki watches. They have a giesha one that I really want. I also seen mozarella and latte. I like that one too and they have the nurse one as well.
  2. i saw them on eBay... I thought the nurse one was cute with the band-aids :smile: but it's just not my style lol... I still want cloudia. They're all so cute tho!
  3. I like the geisha one too. But I never end up wearing any of the watches I buy so probably not a good investment for me :confused1:
  4. Heres a couple of pics from the catalogue


  5. UH!!! Why did you all have to show me those?? I've been looking for a new watch and some of those are just cute!:graucho:
  6. what catalogue is that from??
  7. i know TokiJen will die for that mozarella latte watch :lol: hahahaha

    i like the dog watch but dont like the spikes ..its cute :biggrin:
  8. So cute but I never wear my watches. I got a cute Tinkerbell one from Disneyland that I just had to have but I always forget to put it on so it just sits in the drawer now.
  9. i stopped wearing my watches! time goes by fast without it..i just look at my cell if i need the time :biggrin:
  10. i love the diamond geisha & the latte one. if i ever see them at a store here, i would totally buy it.
  11. Its the Aussie Catalogue, Im sure they are available worldwide though. I have pics from all pages including new hats ;)
  12. If I was a younger girl I would have bought the pink spike sandy or the black spike nero watch. Those are :jammin: ! I'm afraid I'd be laughed at now at my age wearing one of those...which makes me sad that I am now old enough to think something is inappropriate for my age!! But if I saw some other woman my age wearing it I'd probably think it was cool!:nuts: :nuts: That is pretty stupid!:yes:
  13. I have several watches. Each one I wore for about two weeks, then into my jewelry box, the battery stops and I never wear it again.
    (I really like the mozzerella and latte one though)
  14. Yeah...there are very few $100 watches that Ilove enough to replace the battery on....haha! Most of mine are $15-25 watches!
  15. I love the Adios Flower one. Are the bands plastic or leather? I'd think for the price they should be leather, but I remember the Swatch debacles of the 80s when people were shelling out the big bucks for plastic watches.