New Tokidoki Qees Coming Soon - Simone Included!

  1. I found these on Qeester! And they are 8" ones


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. isn't that one already out? or are they making an 8" simone also :p that'd be awesome
  3. i know the one with the yellow bear is like sold out in some stores as for the simone one..i believe thats new..i havent seen that one yet :p i think he looks better with the hat ...cuz without it he looks like a monkey with earrings LOL :lol:
  4. Too bad they are too big to hang off a purse, though.
  5. Awww, that's so cute! Simone's looks kinda like a monkey with clothes when he doesn't have the hat on. lol
  6. heehee we think alike :graucho:

    Blackwidow: since these are too big to hang in our bags, they should make qee bags? hahaha i have no idea where im getting these :idea:s:roflmfao:
  7. I checked out the qees on the website and I seen the one was going to be priced at $80!! :wtf: You have to be a die hard fan to spend that much.
  8. yup...but they look soo cute...the 16" glow in the dark qee is $200!

    if you buy the yellow 8" tokidoki qee, it comes with the simone qee which is only 2.5" tall! so you can hang him on your bag :biggrin:
  9. ^. I'm sure it looks pretty cool tho. That glow in the dark one.
  10. I guess I would rather have something else Toki than the qee. I think it is too much for what they are asking.
  11. yeah for $200 it better be my night light lol
  12. I wonder if they'll come out with another set of qees that come with the tokidoki purses... I like the flower one but it would be nice to see something new
  13. I guess the ones of Simone are gone! I didn't check there til now and I can't find em. How much were they?
  14. I dont think there was?? I read that when you buy the yellow bear it comes with a 2.5" simone qee?? unless they made a big one of him too hahahaha

    snapcat: yeah i know, im getting bored of seeing mister ol' qee hahah:lol:
  15. i think $80 is not bad for this big Qee w/Simone figure included. Then again, I do collect these kind of toys also. I think that 8 inch Qee would be cute as a small Qee for the bags, it's bright & cute & perfect to represent Tokidoki with.