New Tokidoki Print (LOL MADE BY ME)

  1. Something I made when I was bored today.. A new Tokidoki print I invented. I call it "DEATHLY LOVE" featuring Adios and Ciao Ciao.

    I made it using the Paint program in Windows. LoL kinda childish I know but I had to do something to pass the time, so.. :p

    Hope you all like it.
    Comments appreciated.

    (I made the print using a "Caramella" shape)

  2. cute! i'd buy it! my favorite colors, PINK & BLACK!

    Good Job!
  3. cute :smile:
  4. very cute!
  5. Cute twist to Legno's stuff. I like the sleepwalking-bunneh-looking CiaoCiao
  6. Aww! it's very cute!
  7. aww, very creative. and tokidoki SHOULD make this!! even if valentines day is sooon approaching and will soon leave us =(
  8. cute. anyone think an LV collab should be a good idea? just wondering. i was drooling over Murakami on eBay and thought that would that would be a great pairing.

  9. Sounds cute, but wouldn't adding the toki name make LV even more expensive than it already is? I can't even afford LV as it is!
  10. can someone save as a gif/jpg and reupload? bmps take forever to download. XD I wanna see, but I don't want to wait ten minutes.
  11. oh, there it is! so cute! I love the handrawn pictures. :biggrin:
  12. i think simone should pay for your idea with toki bags! then he could bring out that cute adios and ciao ciao love design. i would buy a caramella in it :biggrin:
  13. Super Cute!! Good job, LouisVObsession @^ _ ^@
  14. I'd buy it, love the colors!