New Tokidoki LeSport fan

  1. Hello everyone. This is my first thread! Anyway, I just found this forum earlier today and introduced my self in the intro thread, but wnated to share my excitment.

    I was at my local mall heading to gap kids to buy my daughter some desperately needed back to school jeans. I had to go through Bloomies and through their purse section to get to the mall. I have been on anew purse diet due to going on vacation but stopped short when I saw the new Lesport sac line by tokidoki. I love this kind of art and I am a HUGE fan.

    From reading your previous threads on the sbject it seems that this is the 3rd line in conjunction with lesportsac. Does anyone have a list of the other prints that were from past seasons or maybe upcoming prints? I love this line and woul dlike one from every print if financiall ypossible. I also love the quee!

  2. Lara.. this is the last collaboration that Tokidoki's artist and LeSportsac are doing together..
  3. argh!!! really? That stinks. Do you happen to know how many different patterns there were? I need to back track and try to find some of the others!

    thanks for the help.

  4. I know of the summer playground print, which, if you call lesportsac they still carry in some stiles
  5. They have three new patterns coming up so I'm not sure when they will stop doing them. They're in the other tokidoki thread.
  6. wow, never knew that! how'd u find out??
    these are so cute though!

    well at least i can save a little more money i guess.. with them not releasing anymore after these :P
  7. I found out at the LeSportsac store .. from their sales associates.
  8. It's not the last. They have the Foresta line coming out later in the fall and also the angel and devil line posted in the other thread.
  9. maybe she meant after this set??
  10. if this all comes out in fall of '06.. this should be the last collabro.. unless if they signed on for more..