new tokidoki bags purchased from newest collection!!

  1. Yup, I was out on a quest to find all lamore bags, but unfortunately, I was not able to find zucca, denaro and luna. But luckily, I did find perfect print placement on my gioco,campeggio,bambino and bella. I am not sure what to keep and what not to. I might end up keeing all, or return a few. Cant decide yet, but I just love this print too much!!

    I love the famiglia luna because it shows so many different characters.
    lamore.jpg lamore2.jpg lamorebambino.jpg lamorecampeggio.jpg lamoregioco.jpg
  2. Did you seriously buy all that at once?
  3. yes I did!! Some from Montebello and some from Torrance, one from Cerritos Macys.

    SA at Montebello was you buy to collect or as a gift? lolz...she thought i was krazy!!
  4. i have never bought tokidoki bags at regular price, i always wait till there is a sale. So when a sale comes, I usually go krazy because i know i would never be able to find it at this price. lolz
  5. Wow, that is a crazy collection of Amore bags. LOL. You must really LOVE it huh? Haha. I thought I was bad for having a Gioco, Caramella & Denaro in Amore...but whoaaaa lol.
  6. You must be rolling in the dough!! I could never justify buying all those bags. My husband would MURDER ME. How much of a discount was it?
  7. holy moly...!!!!!!!!! :drool:
    That's fabulous.

  8. Haha!! it was 25% plus 15% and $10 reward for every 50 dollar purchase, i think i have $240 total. lolz

    Well, my bf didnt really care, I am very low maintenance, so he knows the only thing I am very into is just tokidoki bags. He thinks its fortunate enough that i am not into LV,coach bags, balanciaga. haha....
    i dont spend money on other stuff, except tokidoki stuff. lolz..
  9. WOW. What a haul! Seeing your photos makes me want another L'Amore bag too.
  10. who was it that has almost every style in Foresta? i thought i saw it here. haha...when i saw that picture, I was like..whooo...I wish i had collected all of them. cant rewind time....darn it!!
  11. I'd just feel plain bad! HAHA! Lucky You! The only bag I got at full price was my Gioco....and I had to have it when I saw it. Enjoy your new bags! I love that Luna! I am watching one on eBay.
  12. Wow, kokebon, that is dedication right there! The bags look great together. I'm really warming to the Famiglia.
  13. WOW!!! Kokebon, you and pinkpeony must be l'amore collection soulmates~ hahaha .... enjoy them! :graucho:
  14. oh man! that is INSANE!!! i feel as if i should have an impressive amore collection too since i LOVE it sooooo much! its my #1 print! but i'm so poor it wouldn't be wise for me to do so...but amores are so darn pretty!!! but that's a pretty good deal! is that presale thing still going on?
  15. WOW!!!:tup: congrats!!!