new toki hoodies?

  1. So we've all seen them on eBay, someone posted a sighting on else seen them anywhere??? I really want the latte family solid black.
  2. anyone?
  3. thanks, both only have the short sleeve ones in, boo!

    I'll find it eventually. I just cannot believe how fast the ones on went.
  4. What about eBay? :idea: Orrrrr how about JapanLA? :graucho: Call Jamie. I know she doesn't put everything on her site b/c it sells so fast so maybe she has it!
  5. i contacted the one seller on eBay said they were out of XL already, I will call her today! Once it gets later there.

    Good thinking!
  6. I just picked one up at MetroPark in Valley Fair. It's my first piece of Toki clothing ... I hope I'm not developing another addiction! ;)
  7. Congrats it super cute in person? I've never seen it in person and I kinda hope I don't ever see it in person b/c I don't want to want it! :nuts: I have the s/s latte hoodie that I haven't even worn yet so I certainly don't need that hoodie as well. :sweatdrop:
  8. Oh yeah!!!! Something else I need to add to my tokidoki shopping spree in Vegas!!! I love the hoodie! It's soooo cute!!! Hope I can find one!!!
  9. I neeeeeeddddd the black one that angelic*ruin got...but I need it in an XL for boobage and they seem to be the first size to go. I love the long sleeved light blue one with the cream/yellow lining, too...

    I don't get the point of a short sleeved hoodie.

  10. yes the black is the one i quest for, the boobs do not help whatsoever. I could fit into my roommate's L but i felt a bit stuffed so to speak.
  11. BOOO, no black hoodie at either metropark in Vegas. I ended up buying it from JapanLA.