New Tods Pics

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  1. I got new pics from tods and so decided to post more for you guys to see....its their decoupage bag, and this cute mini bag of theirs! I also just found out about their "consignment" program in Honolulu where you can order many bags WITHOUT paying first, just provide you credit card info (just in case) and have about 10-15 days to look at their bags at home! Then, you can keep one, two, more or none and have them sent back via UPS by them. You won't get charged unless you decide to purchase one! Wow, great and inticing customer service! Aghhh, this is after I came home from seeing and drooling over some of their new ad campaigns at Border in Vogue and Elle! Unfortunately, also after i paid a massive amount of recent bills too:evil: Anyways, just wanted to pass on the info. and pics! Since I wasn't here on V day, happy post Valentines day to all! Hope you guys had a well enjoyed day!

    Oh yeah, the new Celine Clandestine bag in also available to see in the new Vogue as well....

    aghh! I just tried to attach some of the Tods pics and they were too big!!! Well, I guess 2 pics are better than none!

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  2. Wow what place is this? I live in Honolulu and I've never heard of it :lol: great bags btw.
  3. apparently the Tods store in Honolulu is one of their flagship stores! (didn't know that before!) 2120 Kalakaua Ave Store! This black mini bag is cute! I wanted to post that brandy decoupage bag being worn by the SA (it looks so great!), but couldn't! I'm going to try emailing it to Vlad!

  4. ohh you meant the Tod's store :lol: I guess since I'm a regular customer that goes into the shop, no one ever thought to tell me about that program lol. Who is your SA there?
  5. I just started talking to John Ngo there, he seems really cool....friendly and actually knows whats going on!!!

  6. ooo I think I know who you're talking about. Is he an older Asian man? He might be the one who helps me when my regular SA isnt there. Thats a great program! I wonder if they'd send some to me when I'm too lazy to venture out :lol:
  7. hmmm, not sure since I am in NY right now. Maybe I should ask him....or better yet, ask him to attach a pic and send it to me:lol::lol::lol:

    Anyways, how old is this older asian man? :biggrin: I'm kinda curious to know how the SA looks like now!

    As for your crazy idea... NORIKO!!! I don't know whether to laugh or simply call you a lazy ass:P:lol::lol:
    (not a bad idea though!!!:amuse:)

  8. SoyBean, thanks for posting pics! The mini decoupage is cute!

    I really like the Decoupage Shopping Media & I'm waiting for my local Tod's to get it in Brandy color :love: :love: :love:
  9. Tell him to model a bag for you :lol: jj ;)

    And yes call me lazy ass hehe, but I have an excuse! I'm am recovering from surgery damn it! :biggrin:
  10. Noriko, get well soon!! :worried:
  11. Thanks :biggrin: :love: Maybe a little bit of Tod's will get me through it lol. Especially if they can send it to me! :lol: That consignment program is awesome, I guess its kind of the same as if its paid for and returned, but I hate having to return stuff! At least this way they know that it could just be a preview.
  12. Pics of Tod's Decoupage Shopping black, green & white :amuse:
    The last pic is a Miky Nomade Grande in Brandy! Love that color! :love:

    Pics Source: Neiman

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  13. hahaha...Handbag addicts of the world UNITE!!! I swear I'd be thinking of bags too if I'm sick or recovering from surgery :lol:

    I agree about the consignment program...Awesome!
  14. Ahh... that's the same mini black one I saw at my Tod's store a few days ago!! It's so cute... I wantttttttt.... Btw, how much is it? I think it's about $800 or over?
  15. It is? Oh my gosh, I am in love with it too! I was drooling when I opened the damn attachment! It IS so cute!!! I forgot how much it was, but it was definitely over 800, but under 900, or 900ish I think! This style is slightly diff. from the decoupage, its actually called the tods Tracollina....I love the shape and the detachable shoulder option.....I wonder if there's one that's a little bigger without them supersizing it!!!

    I forgot the length on the bottom of this black bag, but its actually longer and bigger than the previous and similarly looking gold one I, more money!:suspiciou