New Tods D-Styling Bauletto

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  1. Just received a new D- Styling bauletto handbag in the most stunning beige/taupe color. I bought it from and on their website the color was listed as khaki. I think this color is on some of the current season bi/tri-color bags? I don't think my pic truly captures the beauty of this bag but the color is the prettiest neutral I have seen in a long time. It has no yellow or brown undertones and the best way to describe it is a perfect nude. This is my third d-styling bauletto, the others being vachetta and chocolate brown, and I LOVE this style. It is perfect for me. Side note......I know there have been some negative reviews of and I can only speak for my own experiences, but I have purchased 6 handbags from them over the years (Tom Ford, Gucci, Fendi, 2 Tod's, Ferragamo) and they have all been authentic and in perfect condition. I have also ordered a few Bottega Veneta small leather goods that I decided to return and there have been no issues. The return was easy and the refund was quick.

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  2. Congrats! I thought of getting a tod's or a Chloe today from bluefly but I wanted something black or blue which were both sold out (the styles I wanted) so I will have to wait. Is this a medium? I have a navy blue in medium and to be honest I think a small would've worked for me better. But the sale price at saks was so hard to resist. Enjoy!


  3. Mine is the medium size, but it works for me because I carry a lot and prefer large bags or totes for a day bag. Sometimes on bluefly, you can still buy a bag that is showing as sold out by checking back in 15 minutes. As soon as someone puts a bag in their cart (if there is only one available) it will be marked as sold out but if they don't buy it within 15 minutes or so, it becomes available. I just bought another Tods bag that way the week before I bought this one. I had been eyeing it for about a week but was torn between the dark gray on bluefly and the navy on Nordstroms site. Then the navy was sold out so I went to bluefly and the gray was marked sold out as well. I was really disappointed as I had first seen the bag weeks earlier and then as soon as I wanted it, it was gone! On a chance, I kept refreshing the page every 5 minutes and sure enough it became available again so I immediately bought it.
  4. I do want to buy from bluefly several times but all the items i want are final sale and therefore unreturnable. What if the bag has defects? Last december i bought the D styling tote on sale from Tod' december sale and the bag was gorgeous and perfect but one of the clasp for the shoulder strap was broken and therefore I returned it given the choice of getting an exchange or refund i chose refund. I am happy and sad at the same time because now I'm going to have to buy the bag again but I'm waiting for the sale so its a hard wait but this season's D styling bags are made from pebbled leather and although they are much better against the elements, i like soft calf skin so I have to see whether Tod's produce D styling in smooth calf leather first for this season and hopefully they do.

  5. I know that most of the bags are marked final sale but I did have an issue with a bag that was final sale and it was missing the extra shoulder strap. I contacted bluefly and they offered to accept the return or refund me 10%. I was fine with it since I did not need the strap, just curious why it wasn't included. It wasn't pictured with the bag but was in the description so it may have been a typo. Either way even though it was 'final sale' they were absolutely willing to accept a return if there is a problem. I think you just can't return if you change your mind, so if you are positive on a bag it's not a bad place to buy a bag. I think the Tod's outlet has a few smooth leather d-styling bags
  6. You see, next week I'm visiting Orlando Premium Outlets and I believe TOD's is there. There was a thread on here about the quality difference between factory bags and boutique bags and the boutique bag I got was exquisite with exceptional leather and I feel better buying bags on sale from the boutique rather than the outlet I don't know why.
  7. I definitely understand that. Sometimes the outlets get bags from the boutiques. My chocolate brown d-styling bauletto was at the boutique in Hawaii and was then sent to the Woodbury outlet at end of season (in perfect condition). The SA there is awesome and he told me which bags came from the boutiques and which ones go straight to outlet. I have no idea what the difference is with straight to outlet bags, as I do phone orders, but he said the differences were very slight. It may be worth taking a look as the savings are worth it. The dark gray ALH shopper I bought from Bluefly was $1275 before tax, about $300 less than the original price at Nordstrom. Before I bought it, I emailed the SA to see if they had it in the outlet. They didn't, so I bought the one on bluefly. Last night the SA emailed me that they received the bag in dark navy, from a boutique and their price was $1145 minus an additional 30% which would have been around $800, so if I had waited I would have saved myself $475!! Of course they may not have received the bag, but it is really worth taking a look at the outlet if you are there.
  8. Hi All

    I just joined the Tod's club because there was a deal at Saks I couldn't pass up, a 65% off sale, eventhough I was there for a Fendi Peek-a-Boo.

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  9. Hi Puttin On, thanks for the pic! That is one stunning bag!! :cool:
    Can you please make a new thread and post this pic again - your own reveal thread? That way people won't miss it... :graucho:
    Oh, or maybe post your pic in the reference library if you can? We'd love it
    Thanks.... And enjoy that beauty..
  10. Coco bean, this is gorgeous. The leather is gorgeous beyond words. Congrats. :smile:
    Thanks for sharing the picture. I hope you enjoy it!!!

    Do you mind if I ask you a question? How do you like your baulettos? How are they wearing? Do they scratch easily or get dirty? Do you have to be really careful?
    I bought one in the past, it's still new because I'm afraid to scratch it...( I know, I'm as dork, lol)'s the gray (or dark taupe?). ...because of the size, medio, I'm afraid I will bump into things and ruin it, etc.
    Thanks in advance for your input.
    Enjoy! :graucho:
  11. I am definitely checking them out lol. It would be awesome if I come back with a d bag! If not then definitely the sale in june/july (do you know which month it would be?) I am feeling optimistic!:smile:
  12. Awesome bag! When did u get it? This last sale?
  13. oops
  14. Hi Ujili! ;)
    Did you mean to ask Puttin On Ayers? The one who just posted a pic above? That they got on sale?
  15. Lol yeah. sorry!!!:biggrin: