New Tods Bag-what Do You Think?

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  1. I like an edgy bag...somehow Tods never has one edgy enough for me,however I love this python detail.........Comments??!
    Sorry-Picture wont paste from Neiman TODS PURSES...dont know why...!)
  2. [​IMG]HERE IT IS........SORRY!
  3. Hmm. Not sure about the linen. I guess I'd go with another style, personally. But it's a nice bag.
  4. Linen does tend to pick up everything....
  5. I agree about the linen, BUT love it, I always love bags that are arguably impractical. Loving Tods these days
  6. I love the leather version of the tote...but it is very cool looking in the linen.
  7. its ok, it would be better if it were leather...
  8. I love Tod's but am more into their leather:smile: