NEW Tobago Color *Pics*

  1. Hikau has the carryall in Black incase you have not seen it yet.. but

    1. New Color!

    2. New billfold wallet!

    I want the wallet but I don't know the price as of yet...

    So since they have a new color I wonder if they will discontinue the other 3 when the F/W arrives if this is considered a F/W color or if they just planned on releasing a new color. I want them to keepall all 4 colors or add more w/e :yes:
  2. I wish that the LV on it was in white like the rest of the colors but I'll take it lol
  3. So rich looking in the black.
  4. Ooo...I saw this today, but I just thought it was a Utah Shoe bag and Carryall..
  5. Thanks for the info and pic Matt;) ! Might get the wallet for my DH,I love it!:nuts:
  6. I am madly in love with the billfold... I need it NOW...
  7. I have the carryall in blue and LOVE it. I don't think they'll discontinue any of the other colors, they are too hot!:love:
  8. The black is nice . . . kind of random, though, that they add it right after the others have been out for a few months. I like the billfold, but it would be more fun in the other colors . . . oh well. I like my Grizzli Taiga wallet better anyhow. :smile:

    I do not like the fact that the hardware is silver . . . I've sworn off silver forever. Oh well. I wonder if you could do a special order and just have them change the hardware color? :smile:
  9. i MUST have that black shoe bag :love: thanks for the pics Matt ;)
  10. I completely agree- the white "tennis-inspired" hotstamped trim would contrast the black nicely.
  11. Looks awesome :biggrin: Now if only I could get my bf into LV... I can dream, can't I? :girlsigh:
  12. I love it...I LOVE how it is understated and I think the silver hardware is a good contrast with the black:yes:
  13. I thought the Tobago line is seasonal and would be discontinued? Is it permanent?
  14. Well I thought it was seasonal too but since they have a new color I wonder if the black will replace the other 3 colors or if they will just keepall 4, maybe it is a big seller, and it could become a permenant collection? The men could sure use another collection!
  15. the weird thing about the black one is that it has the same date code as my ouvea.... so im assuming that they are going to stop producing it at the same time.... i must say my black tobago looks good as a fall/winter bag too...