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  1. #1 Aug 3, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2018
    I stumbled upon this beauty while browsing and ordered it right away. It's a bit on the small side but surprisingly fits allot.
    Without further ado, the toy Lou Lou in gray. It's such a neutral and understated color that's under the radar. I plan to use it while traveling.

    I do wonder how much bigger the small is.. Does any one have it to compare sizes?

    20180803_114753.jpg ]

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  2. First set of pics are messed up... Not sure why



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  3. Is this the size with the leather strap ? The small with thr chain strap isn't too big at all! If you're still thinking of it :smile: nice color
  4. Yes it is. I was able to stuff my essentials in this little one. I'll probably keep it. [emoji7] [emoji7]
  5. What a beautiful color.