New to YSL, need help with the Downtown Patent colors


May 8, 2006
Hi there,

I'm contemplating getting a Downtown in Patent Purple. Online sellers have different versions of this color, I don't know if it's just the lighting in the photo, or are there really several versions of the purple patent?

This is the shade I like:

And this shade in this auction - I'm trying to avoid (looks too Barney purple to me)

Need help to ID the exact color of both bags :smile:



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May 23, 2006
Need help to ID the exact color of both bags :smile:

^I'd like to help but its difficult for several reasons.

First, purple is a common color for YSL, but typically its difficult to know what the "official" color names are from season to season, or discern whether there are slight variations in the shade from season to season.

Second, I know from personal experience that purple bags are very difficult to photograph accurately. I've got a dark purple YSL bag called "plum" that looks like a light Barney purple if I use a flash on my camera.

I'm guessing that in your pics both bags are the same color. Bag #1 looks a little darker than they actually look IRL.

More pics of purple Downtowns in the Reference Library:
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