New to YSL, I have an eBay question for all you experts!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I recently bought a white patent Tribute from I returned it because it came to me damaged, but that's kind of beside the point. Anyway, I sent it back for a refund and couldn't find another bag I really liked on their site (or one that was really in my price range).

    I decided to check out ebay. I'm a frequent buyer and seller, so I figured it was okay to look there.

    I found a small easy tote in the gorgeous Volcano leather and compared it with all the reference photos I could find and it looked good to me. The seller had 100% feedback, but it was mostly as a buyer. Because this bag was such a good deal, I hit Buy It Now figuring if it was a fake, I could always get my money back from PayPal.

    I immediately paid through PayPal and also emailed the seller through ebay asking for tracking info when she ships. It's been two days since winning and I haven't heard anything from the seller. I am kind of getting scared. She has listed more items since I won my bag, so I know she's checked her email/ebay.

    Should I email her again? I don't want to sound pesky or anything.

    Also, is YSL faked very much? I'm concerned that this bag is a fake, but I don't know if the knockoff artists would easily be able to knock off a bag that's not a very old model, and has a very distinct leather finish.

    Thanks so much for all your help!
  2. You should've had the bag authenticated before purchasing it. TPF has a YSL subforum. I would ask the ladies there about the bag.
  3. ^Try posting the like in the Authenticate This: YSL thread (sorry I don't know how to post a link) and let them have a look at the bag. This way, you can put your worries about it being a fake to rest.

    Re: not hearing back from the seller, I wouldn't worry about it yet. The seller needs to ship the bag to you within 7 days of you paying her. Some sellers are simply not great about communicating with their buyers. I know it's frustrating, but it kind of comes with the territory when shopping on *bay. Some sellers also only ship once or twice per week, so that might be the hold-up. In a nutshell, be patient. Hopefully, you'll bet that PayP notification that your new bag is on it's way to you in no time!