New to TTC... my story

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    Hi ladies. I'm not new to TPF but haven't spent much time in the TTC section. So a bit about me. I'll be 32 in October and have been with my partner James for 19 months. We live together and were just starting to think about getting engaged. The next obvious thing after that would be getting married, and then probably a couple of years down the track, starting a family. Well all that's changed! I heard about the AMH ovarian reserve blood test and was interested to find out what my count is, as I've had cervical cancer, chemotherapy, an eating disorder and a very abusive marriage/divorce in the past, all of which I was worried might attribute to a lower than normal egg reserve. Sadly I was right. For my age (31) I should be at 30-50 but my result was 5.3. So everything we had planned has gone out the window and now we're solely focused on TTC. We're seeing a fertility specialist next month and I've been off the contraceptive pill for 5 weeks. James went to pathology yesterday for the semen collection so we both have our fingers crossed that he's healthy and normal in that area. It would be such a relief to not have any other obstacles to deal with. I've no idea what to expect and would really appreciate any advice and support you ladies can offer. T.I.A. Kat :flowers:
  2. I'm sure you were shocked to hear the results but I'm glad you went with your gut and got tested so you don't waste any more precious time...good luck going forward!
  3. Thanks lenaofdc. Hearing the results was a shock but I actually had a gut feeling things weren't right, and with my history of chemotherapy I'm not surprised they weren't normal. Just hoping for the best as James and I will try naturally for 6-12 months before considering fertility treatments. We go for full blood work and tests for chromosomal/hormonal abnormalities on Friday. Just taking baby steps... no pun intended.
  4. Good luck to you. I hope you get BFP soon and have a healthy and happy baby 9 months after.