New to Treesje and have fallen in love with too many bags!

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    Hi everyone,
    I was all set to buy a Venice Botkier Smooth Black Satchel as seen here

    Then I stumbled upon Treesje via this forum and on the online boutiques and I am absolutely taken with the Turner Satchel in Viola ( which I can sadly see only on LB - no discount at all!)

    and the Electric Blue Rebel Hobo

    AND the one discounted thing I can find the Black Dylan

    Also I'm very taken with the Revealed Satchel in bluette (but can't find it at the moment/sold out?)

    I really don't own many bags at all, although I swore to myself I was going to get a black one. I feel like ordering everything and seeing what I fall in love with, and maybe keeping 2! I have not heard much talk here about Treesje's Viola color, I'm wondering if it's just my lavender/purple obsession taking over my brain.

    So I suppose this is a Help Me Decide Thread! Thanks :smile:
  2. What do you like more? Satchel or Hobo? It would probably be easier to decide once you narrow it down. Between Rebel & Dylan, I prefer the design of former. Between the Reveal & Turner, I kinda love the Reveal a little more. The studs are such a nice touch IMO.
  3. ^ IA with pb, it might help to narrow down what is really your style first (e.g. preferences for hobo vs satchel, hardware colour, amount of hardware that you're comfortable with on a bag, colours that work best in your wardrobe). :yes:

    That said, though, keep your eyes peeled on the Deals & Steals thread in this subforum as well as the D&S general subforum! LB, for instance, has a couple of codes right now, and I believe their 25% off Facebook code works on new season items too... ;)
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'm normally a satchel girl, as long as the shoulder strap is long enough to carry under my arm comfortably. I was just taken with the electric blue color on the Hobo. Looks like LB is already sold out of the Turner Viola, and I have to do a special order that can not be returned if I want it now.. oh well I'll keep thinking. Thanks Mule for the ShopKitson link too!