New to tpf posting my modest LV collection

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  1. Hi everyone thought I would show my collection. I don't know how these will turn out I am new to photobucket and uploading. If anyone has some helpful ways to upload the help would greatly be appreciated .
  2. thanks for sharing!
    love the vintage lv's :smile:
  3. love your LV's.
  4. ohhhh, nice vintage pieces!!
  5. Nice!!! Can you show interior shots of that blue Epi piece?

    Thank for sharing! :nuts:
  6. Lovely collection =)
  7. great collection!
  8. Hardly modest! You have a fabulous collection! :biggrin:
  9. lovely collection you got there...
  10. Sure John5 I will try today I have a good camera but it will take awhile because it is so dark in there.:yes:
  11. Great collection....I really like it all..especially the graffiti, cerises & panda!
  12. Modest:confused1: ..No way! Fabulous! Thank you for sharing with us and welcome to TPF!:yes:
  13. love the speedies! i also love your pochettes, your ceriese cles, and your panda cles!!
  14. fabulous collection! love your pochettes too! :love: