New to TPF - Please give me your opinions on coach bags

  1. Hello. This is my first post in TPF. I have loved Coach bags for years! I was wondering if you might be able to give me your opinions on these bags. I really love the gigi tote. :heart: I purchased three gigis during the pref customer event. I don't mind keeping all three as long I feel that they look okay on me. I am not sure of the whiskey or the brown signature. Would you please give me your opinions? Do you like all three? Should I only keep one or two? Which is your favorite? Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help.
    3 gigi sm.JPG whiskey gig.JPG blk gigi.JPG brn gig.JPG
  2. Welcome! I think all 3 of your gigi's are really beautiful bags. They look great on you. A lot of pfers find a style they love and get several colors. Its a great way to make your favorite style bag more versatile.
  3. I like the black and whiskey ones. I'm not a big fan of the chocolate signature on the gigi, just by looking at the photo (since I don't remember seeing one the last time I was at the boutique).
  4. Actually, the choc. sig. gigi is my favorite! That and the whiskey! I love the whiskey color, it's sooo rich! But yeah, I actually love the brown sig.

    Oh and how rude of me, Welcome to The Purse Forum, and Coach Forum! :welcome: You will love it here!

    Again, gorgeous bags!!! Great choices! Enjoy!
  5. I would keep 2, the Whiskey and the Choc/Choc Signature. That way you have two neutral colors and the signature is lightweight.

    Enjoy your selections, and Welcome to tPF!
  6. If you like all 3 and will use all 3 AND can afford to keep all 3 then I would keep all 3! LOL! I love the chocolate signature and the black the most! Whiskey is pretty but scratches easily. Depends on what other bags you have in your collection too, what colors. They all look great on you and are gorgeous bags!
  7. They all look beautiful and they look great on you! You carry it so well! i agree with TLLOveshim, if you can afford to keep all 3, then why not? If I were to choose, I'd keep the choco siggie and the whiskey. I think those two look very distinctive. Of course, you can never go wrong with black but it's always easy to find a lot of other black styles.
  8. I like all 3 , they look realy nice on you but the black one is my favorite.
  9. I like the black and choco sig ones the best!! LOVE that tote!
  10. i think that they all look great on you!!
  11. I LOVE the brown one!! :biggrin:
  12. They all look great on you. I say keep all three. But I think I like the black one the best.
  13. I would keep 2 bags myself. The Chocolate Sig. is awesome and you can never go wrong with black. But hey, that's just my opinion...:smile:
  14. I really love the leather on the Gigi tote. I think the hardware is so dramatic that the sig is a little too much. I think the whiskey and the black are gorgeous!! Welcome to tPF!!
  15. Welcome!! Wow! Those Gigis are stunning (I love that bag), I couldn't decide which to keep if I had to. Chocolate sig is my favorite and whiskey for leather but Gigi looks great in black and since they all look great on you...I guess you have to keep all three ;).