New to TPF, PCE Purchases

  1. I heard about this forum from one of the SA's at Coach because I told her of my ever expanding collection. This is my first post and thought what better way to start than by sharing my PCE purchases with you. I went to 2 different Coach stores and ended up buying the following:
    • Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag in Pond (was able to order it!)
    • Signature Stripe Denim Large Tote
    • Signature Stripe Denim Large Beauty Case
    • Signature Stripe Denim Small Tote (It's not even on the website. It was sent to that store on accident. It is only sold at the pinnacle stores!)
    • Carly Leather Wristlet in Parchment
    • Carly Signature Wristlet in Khaki
    • Samantha Sunglasses in Tortoise
    A couple of my co-workers love Coach as much as I do, and they're going to freak out when they find out how much I bought with PCE! I'm notorious for going a little overboard when buying Coach.

    I seem to have a little addiction to :biggrin:
  2. welcome to the board and congrats on the purchases! It's funny that the SA's told you about this forum!!
  3. welcome!

    woah a small tote, that sounds like something that would interest me. may i ask how much it costs?
  4. Wow! Sounds like you got some beautiful stuff! Don't forget to post pics soon!
  5. welcome! this really enables addicts...just an FYI!!

    also, we adore pics!!
  6. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! I'd love to know which TPFer told you about this forum. :graucho: We're nothing but a bunch of enablers, so don't spend too much time on here or you'll end up buying more than you care to.
  7. Wecome to tPF! Sounds like quite a great PCE haul! Congrats!

    Can you post pics of the small tote. I bet there's a few of us that would love to see it. :smile: ....and maybe :drool: over it too!
  8. Great purchases!! I'm also curious about the small tote now...please post pics if you can.

    And welcome to tPF!!!
  9. What great purchases! Welcome to tPF!
  10. Welcome to the Coach subforum! :smile: If you go overboard with Coach then you are definitely in good company here!
  11. Congrats and welcome to TPF
  12. wow you got a lot ! welcome to tpf !
  13. Welcome! :welcome:That is quite a haul! :nuts:
  14. Hi & welcome!
  15. Welcome to the purse forum! Congrats on your PCE purchases as well!