new to TPF - need suggestion for EPI

  1. should i exchange my black epi passy to an alma?

    I don't have a big lv collection but I thought I get something different in the LV line since all I have are in MC. I have a pochette, keychange holder and a Musette Tango.

    It's also been almost 5 yrs since I got my last LV, the Tango, partly because I was turned off by all the fakes out there that I felt awkward carrying my "real" LV. I tried Prada and Burberry but I'm always drawn to LV.

    DH got me the black epi passy about two weeks ago which I find really classy. But I think I wanna start collecting the classic styles which Alma correct me if I'm wrong is considered to be so should I exchange my passy for that? I want to have at least one from each line so I'm also considering a speedy (another classic?) later on in Damier. These classics I hope to pass on to my daughter later on :smile:

    What would you guys suggest for my Black Epi, Passy or Alma? This will probably not be my last Epi since I would like to have a white one later on. I like that the LV logo in the Epi line is very discreet and I think it looks good in a more structured style. But what do you think looks good in what color? Black Epi in Passy or Alma/White Epi in Passy or Alma? Are there any other styles you can think of.

    Btw, while I couldn't make up my mind with this Epi bag, I had my name added on the waitlist for the NeverFull MM since I hear everyone was raving about this bag. Thinking that it'll probably take a while since it's sold out everywhere, it'll buy me some time to decide what to do with my Epi, I was surprised to hear from the SA not even a week later. Luckily, my husband also got it for me:heart:. I didn't really want another MC but it was too cute to pass up. I've only had it for a day so I'm not sure if it's a keeper yet but I'm liking it so far.

    Well, hope to hear from you my fellow LV lovers :smile: Thanks for reading through my very long 1st post :smile:
  2. Welcome to tPF!! :welcome:

    I think you should keep the Epi Passy... it's so gorgeous and seems functional!

    As for the Alma, I think you should get it in Monogram Multicolore. ;)
  3. if u are set on getting 2 epi i like Black Epi in Passy & White epi in Alma :smile:. otherwise i agree with John multicolor alma is :drool:.

    (ps MC is usually shortform for multicolor in tpf & monogram is just Mono as shortform :smile:)
  4. I agree that the black epi passy is a great bag - very functional and classy - a keeper, imo. As for alma, it's a bit smaller and would look very good in ivory white epi - or red, if you feel like a splash of colour... But my personal favourite epi bag would have to be the pont-neuf, in any colour - it's so pretty and looks perfect in structured epi leather. I also prefer the speedy in canvas, damier is a great choice - or damier azur, if you want something a bit brighter (I love mine, so I'm a bit biased...). Best of luck with your collection - you have a very lucky daughter! (And a great hubby!!!)
  5. Keep the Passy - I loooove the shape of the Alma, but frankly, it's not nearly as big as the Passy.
  6. Alma is a true classic! I have a black epi Alma and I love her so much! Passy is very nice too though... more "contemporary" and younger looking than Alma, in my opinion.
  7. Keep the passy! I love the alma in black MC!
  8. I would trade it for the alma. A black epi alma can work in a casual setting, a business setting and can easily go for a more dressy occasion. I don't think that the passy can do all 3...
  9. Thank you all for your suggestions. Being new here I just read somewhere that here MC is not referring Monogram Canvas but! sorry, I meant that my old LVs are all in Mono teehee!

    Anyways, I haven't decided about the passy yet :sad:

  10. my daughter is now only 2yo but already likes carrying my purse (takes after me :smile:) I've got plenty of time to build up a beautiful collection for her :smile: poor hubby lol!
  11. I prefer the Alma to be in black epi because to me it looks absolutely classic. But I love the fresh look of the Passy in ivoire. So, I would switch...
  12. I love the passy bag! I want one in red or white!