New to TPF - My furkid intro :)

  1. Hi, I'm new to TPF and just saw this part of the forum and am so excited!

    I have 4 furbabies --

    Bentley - yorkie poo
    Emma- yorkie/jrt mix
    Tallulah- lhasa/bichon mix
    Mckenzie- yorkie

    Since June of last year when we got our first furbaby, my hubby and I decided we are MAJOR dog people. I've had allergies and asthma since I was 7 so all things furry were a no no. But, at 24 now, I've made the decision to use meds/shots to regulate my allergy and asthma and I am SO GLAD I did, because I love my furchildren so much :smile:.

    I design and sew doggie clothes and love to dress up my gang in cute outfits (although I am not a Paris Hilton wannabe :smile: ).

    So, I just wanted to say "hi", and post some pics of my "kids" :smile:
    DSC02143.JPG DSC02198.JPG DSC02150.JPG DSC02144.JPG
  2. What an adorable family! :love:
  3. Your family is almost as pretty as mine;) Kidding! They are too cute!!! And the little bow is adorable! My dogs are a team-they take the bows out of each others hair:weird:
  4. They are sooo cute! Welcome to the PF. Funny thing is, even if this is the purseforum, there are times I spend more time here in the anymalicious playground. Just in case you want to add another baby in your family.... I also have asthma and I have a mini schnauzer. These dogs do not shed and their fur is hypo allergenic. Another breed that does not shed is the bichon frise.
  5. Thank you so much!! :smile:
  6. Adorable family!
  7. I love your furbabies! *faints from the cuteness*
  8. Welcome to all of you!! :smile:
  9. wow, now that's a good lookin family!!! wish my pup could have playdates w/you guys! hehe! welcome!!
  10. They are ADORABLE! :heart: Welcome to TPF! :smile:
  11. Welcome to all of you! Your furbabies are just adorable! :love:
  12. Such an adorable little family!
  13. Cuuute!
  14. So cute! Love the playpen idea...I used one when one of my Chis was a baby! It was a lifesaver :smile:
  15. Precious!! Love the Hello Kitty costume...:wlae: