New to TPF and wanting your opinion please

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here, in fact this is my first post! Well, on to the topic. I saw a ruby ring from Macy's. However, when i decided to inquire about the ring, they only offer a 3 yr, warranty for the ring. I do not much experience with jewelry warranty but when i received a gift bracelet from an actual jewelry store it came with a life time warranty. I decided to do some research online and found this:

    I no longer feel comfortable. What do you think?
  2. To be honest, I would stay away from Macy's. I find that you can get better quality for the same prices in other locations.
  3. After reading that I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable either! Especially since this lawsuit is from this year and might not have been settled yet, which means they might not have changed any of the business practices yet. I would stick with reputable jewelry stores.
  4. Thank You so much. I was just thinking that. I just had a soft spot because it was my birthstone.
  5. Well this is worrisome. I wouldn't say that I've purchased a lot of jewelry from Macys, but I've made some purchases from them, one of them being a pair of ruby earrings a couple of years ago. I think that I'll be steering clear from them for awhile after this.
  6. If you tell the ladies here more about what you are looking for, and what your price range is, I bet they would exceed your expectations!!!
  7. aww thanx lanasyogamama! :ty: I don't wanna send anyone on a wild goose chase but i was hoping for less than 3k and just a small elegant piece with maybe a little diamond. This was going to be an impulse buy which is not really my style. Glad i decided to wait and research more. thank u everyone for your input thus far.
  8. Hhhhmmm. I don't know if any of my jewelry has warranties? Honestly, it's not something I've even thought of. Especially because jewelry gets so much wear and tear from regular use. I just expect that it won't last forever. I've had diamonds fall out of ring settings, etc. and never even considered a "warranty" issue.
    Anyway, I agree that jewelry from Macy's is probably not the way to go. How about a nice, locally owned jewelry store? Or you could find a seller on to make you something.
  9. thanx vhdos, ill look into that.