New to Tokidoki

  1. I never thought I'd be a fan, but I can't resist...I'm a fan. I know next to nothing about it, though. Which is the most popular print? Are all the bags of the latest print on (not sure if the more popular styles have sold out on the site)?

    Is there a website/blog dedicated to Tokidoki? I feel like I have to catch up on this.

  2. Welcome to the Tokidoki obsessed! I am also new to Tokidoki myself, and just couldn't resist picking up one of their cute bags while shopping on my lunch hour one day.

    The current Tokidoki styles are the citta, the citta rosa (same design as the citta but with a pink tone- the citta is more blue-toned) and the foresta.

    Whatever LeSportsac has on their website is the current season's designs. They currently have free shipping on all purchases from their website until October 29 and I am seriously thinking about picking up another one, the problem is I just can't decide which one to get!
  3. Citta Rose is so cute! Foresta is always great, but the only downside is the lining on it it bright orange. I use my Campeggio for school and work and it fits a ton!
  4. 2 new prints are coming out on 11/22 (well, at least in Japa)
    They are Paradiso and Inferno
    Swatches of the 2 prints can be found on LeSportsac
    I think Inferno is really cute!

    I'm addicted to Tokidoki and spent almost my entire paycheck on it...
    I just hope they can come out with new Qee, it's the same one since summer collection =/
  5. I don't know any, but I find myself wanting one.
  6. o:huh:h i Love the Paradiso!!
  7. Thanks, NYshopaholic! I just got the Gioco. The 2 new prints look great! I'm thinking of getting the, which print? Citta, the rosa, the foresta? :smile:
  8. You're welcome! :smile: Nice choice-which print did you get the Gioco in? I am also contemplating the wallet, maybe in the foresta? It's so cute but I was not crazy about the bright orange lining in the bags. Maybe it won't be so bad on a smaller scale? :shrugs:
  9. Today at Bloomies (willow grove, pa) charity event pre-sale, I got the giocco in citta (pink lining)and the Fuma solid scoula (dark grey backpack with citta lining). I couldn't resist getting them esp. with the 20% off for over $300 spent and also an additional 10 percent off for signing up for a bloomies card. The giocco is such a cute style/shape with a bit of puff to it bec. of the way the air stays "trapped" in the bag:P . I saw someone with it at the mall, and I was immed. attracted to it.
  10. The Citta one (non-pink). The pink was nice, but it was a little too much. I like the foresta, too, but I'm not a huge fan of the orange inside. I'm also thinking maybe it'd be a good idea to get it in the wallet...not so glaring. :smile:

    I also like the bracelet cuff. I couldn't resist and got one in the Citta, too.
  11. Just came back from a quick trip to mall and popped into MetroPark to pick up some toys. They have the new Tokidoki prints out - the Paradiso! ITS SOO CUTE!! They have both the Paradiso (the more innocent version) and the Inferno (the evil/devlish version). Super cute! Go check it out! They said it just came in today so i'm sure they are gonig to start popping everywhere - Bloomies, Nordies, etc.
  12. I saw a Playground bag at Nordies in Riverside & theey still have both Citta Rosa prints available. The new Foresta is my currant favorite & I am feeling the addiction BIG TIME!!! I may need help soon, I feel like raiding my daughters closet for her green Playground bags......*ashamed*
  13. I bought citta rosa-backpack about two months ago. I haven't got a chance to carry it, yet. :smile: It has been hanging on my chair since I bought it.
  14. I purchased the citta gioco last month. I've gotten so many compliments on it. It's my first toki doki purchase, but it may not be my last! I'll have to check out the new prints when they arrive in the stores...
  15. Haha, that's so funny. :smile: Do it!