New to Tokidoki!!

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  1. Hi! I'm mostly an LV kind of girl, but I clicked on the Tokidoki link by mistake a few days ago and now I am in love! :heart:

    I went to the LeSportSac website and looked at all of their bags, and right now I'm very interested in the Pirata Multimedia player one and a Spiagga Mama Mia. I've done tons of searches for the Mama Mia bag on TPF and I've found very little information about it or pictures, which leads me to believe that it's not a very popular bag shape. But I may be wrong! Does anyone have a pic wearing one (the Mama Mia)?

    Also, I've done lots of searches on where people buy the bags (and looked on the "Vendors" sticky) and it doesn't seem like too many people buy them from Just curious, is the website more of a hassle to buy from, or more expensive or something? What is the website most people buy one at? Sorry if this is a stupid question lol, I'm just craving to buy one of these adorable bags and I have a huge urge right now for one! :drool: I've tried doing searches for other threads but maybe I'm just missing them, so my apologies if this is the case! Thanks so much! :smile:
  2. it's spelled mamma mia :biggrin: maybe that's why the search turned up w/ few results

    hope that helps a little... I don't have a pic w/ my mamma mia but I think there's a few floating around. If you need any help just post again ;)

    ps. I forgot to say WELCOME! :balloon:
  3. Yup the mamma mia is a pretty popular style among the women here. I remember seeing a pic the other day of someone wearing it but ummm .. when you view so many threads it's hard to remember what's where :Push:

    But I'm not sure what the multimedia player bag is?

    I think most people prefer buying their bags on sale from stores like Macy's, Bloomies or Nordstrom's. Also you can get certain prints on sale right now at the LeSportsac outlets. Pulse is also a great place online to buy them. But ... for Pirata prints you'd have to stick to the dept. stores for now and wait for a sale.
    Good Luck!! :yes:
  4. I'm new to Tokidoki too. But I've learned quickly how important pattern placement is. You may want certain elements of a pattern on your bag, you may want the front & back to be different enough to give you the most of the pattern possible, etc. So buying from the lesportsac website, you're kind of buying blind. That is, you don't know the exact pattern that will appear on the bag. It's a gamble. That's why it's best to check it out in person. Or if you're going to buy anything on eBay confirm that the item pictured is the EXACT bag for auction.
  5. hi Mandy! Welcome to the toki addiction!
  6. Thanks so much for everyone's replies! All of them were really helpful, and I'm going to go to Pulse's website right now! Also, tt really did help on the searches when spelling "Mamma Mia" right LOL.

    And that's really helpful to hear that it's best to see the bags IRL for placement. I might go up to a department store and search for them!

    TokiDokiAngel: I forgot the exact name of the multimedia holder, I think it's the Portatelefano or something like that.
  7. Welcome MV-Mandy! I agree with wht QueenLouis said above, If print placement is important to you, then difinetly you'd prefer seeing the bag in person before making a purchase.
  8. WELCOME! Right now, I am itching for a Zucca in Spiaggia or L'Amore!
  9. For print placement, some of the vendors (e.g., Pulse, LeSportSac outlets) will help you find something that matches what you want. Good luck!
  10. Yeah like everyone has said, it's all about Print Placement and the site won't help you with that at all, even if you call!

    I've bought bags sight unseen from both Pulse and Southhampton and they SAs were great at both places making sure i got the characters Ihad to have.

    Everything else I either purchased on eBay (after confirming I'd be getting what was pictured) or I bought in person.
  11. Casey at Pulse is just too fkn awesome for words... She has helped SO MANY of us find the PERFECT placement, and I can't say that I haven't been pleased each time.. :smile: She rocks! :rochard:

    But welcome to the tokidoki darkside! I have a portatelefono in Pirata... i'm happy with it, but I think I need another one or something for my iPod... Hmmm... Hope you can find what you're looking for.
  12. Welcome MV-Mandy!
  13. Yay Mandy! I hope you get the bags your looking for :yes:

    I just emailed Casey actually .. lol. She really is the greatest!!

    Oh and yup the portatelefono ... hehe I should have realized what you meant by multimedia holder ... I have one .. I just haven't used it for anything yet .. lol
  14. Welcome Mandy!! I have an Inferno Mamma Mia and I looove it!!