New to Tokidoki!

  1. Hi, I am not new here to the forum, but I am new to Tokidoki! I was visiting Los Angeles over the weekend, and stopped in at the Macy's in Burbank in the Media Center Mall (or whatever the actual name is). I totally fell in LOVE with the tokidoki for LeSportSac items! I ended up purchasing two bags, and LOVE them! Now, I want more but I need to wait until I have more funds saved up. My sister really wanted to purchase the Bambinone in Amore print. (Or is is L'amore?) but she didn't. I think I am going to try and find one for her birthday and surprise her with it.

    They had quite a bit of Pirata left, and a few Amore items left. I had a hard time deciding which I should purchase!
  2. welcome to the tokidoki world, where money is ripped right out of your hands! or purse.. or card. LOL. :]!!!

    that would be a cute surprise! i hope you find a cute amore bambinone for your sister!
  3. mmMmmhmmM welcome to the tokidoki madness haha.
  4. I am going to hit our hometown Macy's on my way home from work to see if one is lurking there. If not, she is going to get a Spiaggia something-or-other! I live in the Detroit area, so if anyone knows of other places I could look, please let me know! (Our Macy's is in Novi, Michigan).

    And I may pick up a wallet whilst at the store. Rats, there goes more money!
  5. LMAO! haha.. that's true! Welcome to this forum!

    Your toki collection will soon increase.....:blink:
  6. HAHA. Don't we all think that? But. . . This stuff is too addictive. This is the incentive we have to work harder to supplement our drug.