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  1. Okay, I just found this by Googling COACH, and I am falling in love with this site already :smile: SO many people who share the same passion as me is AWESOME?? WHere was this site all my life??!!

    A little bit about me, I am 25 Years old and an HR manager for a cosmetics manufacturer. I currently own about 70 Pieces of Coach Items from handbags to clutches, wallets, coin purses, mini skinnys, makeup cases, duffle bags, Sunglass cases, get the picture..ha ha I am excited to be here!! I hope to make friends here!!

  2. Welcome! You will love it here! Your Coach collection will grow drastically after being in here.
  3. Welcome! The only thing that you need to do to get into the Coach gang your collection! lol jk Make your self comfortable and get ready for alot of typing and spending. My name is Ashley, nice to meet you!
  4. Welcome , glad you found your way here! I'm sure you will enjoy tpf !:flowers:
  5. Thanks Ashley! I think i will post a picture of my collection. I keep ALL my items that are not in use in Dustbags in a special i will do my best to get them all out and in a snap shot soon :smile:
  6. Thanks everyone :smile: I feel SOOO welcome here! I live in a small town in IDAHO, and needless to say, not a lot of people here understand COACH and what it everyone looks at me crazy that I spend over $20 on a bag, let alone a wallet :smile: You gals are my new best friends!!
  7. Welcome!!! I can't wait to see all of your bags!!!
  8. Don't worry you have found the right place! This is a Coach heaven. hehe I love it here!
  9. This site is so addictive it is ridiculous. I find myself checking the site on my iPhone at a red light!

    Welcome to tPF!
  10. Welcome! :flowers: You will love it here, your wallet will not! :p Can't wait to see your collection!!! :tup:
  11. Welcome to tpf! Everyone on the forum is really nice, but I have to say I am partial to us Coach girls haha. Can't wait to see pics of your collection! It sounds amazing!
  12. Welcome! You are really in trouble being here, ya know! If you've already amassed that many pieces without enabling, your collection is sure to double and perhaps triple in size once you start hanging out here much! LOL!
  13. welcome!! :biggrin:
  14. you should def. post pics of your collection!
  15. Welcome Luvfree!!! Everyone is really super nice in this forum.:love:
    Sounds like you have a fab coach collection.. we would love to see your pics:woohoo: