New to this...

  1. Hey all! I live in the DC Metro area. Stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago and was wowed! I am a shopping fanatic and it's so great to see so many others like myself out there. I have been telling EVERYONE about this forum.

    Ok, for the past 6 months at least, I've been investigating LV bags. I used to always say I wanted a really good FAKE (i know, don't hate me for saying that word), but lately, I've really been thinking about getting a REAL one...I change purses soooooooo often, so that was some of the reasoning of getting the fake...I do know that whatever my first is, I want a Speedy 30 and possible for the 2nd, a Canvas Piano...

    I've also been investigating the Gucci bags the last few weeks...

    Just heard about Koobas here (absolutely luv, luv, luv them)!

    Anywhoo, I look forward for all of your advice and Sale/shopping tip!

    Ladybug :yahoo:
  2. Welcome! :welcome: Hope you find the perfect authentic bag that you love.
  3. Don't ever buy a fake, they will never compare to the real thing. A speedy is a great first choice and definitely affordable. I bought my first a week ago! Keep us updated in your decision.:tup:
  4. Welcome to the forum fellow DC area person. I encourage you in your passion for real purses. People who make fake bags that try to immitate the originals are literally stealing. Plus, it is much more satisfying to me to save the money then get the experience of buying the real deal.
  5. Well, even a "really good" fake is a FAKE. I hope you save and get an authentic bag, otherwise, you'll get eaten alive on the forum !
  6. welcome to the forum and please DONT get a fake. Once you get your hands on an authentic one you'll know why. ^^
  7. Welcome!!! Yes, ITA with the ladies stay far far away from fakes. It is so fun to go into the boutique and walk out with that brown bag!! The speedy is a great choice, once you get it you'll be in love.
  8. Welcome to the purse forum.
  9. welcome to the forum! hope you get your hands on an authentic speedy 30 soon. post pics when you do!
  10. Yeah, I leaning VERY, VERY strongly toward the authentic...since reading up on the craftsmanship of the Label it really makes me want to buy one...if I buy one though, I believe that I will just go to the LV retailer to ensure it's authenticity....If I don't do it that way, what are some 2nd hand sites to go to, or do you suggest I do the aforementioned ...

    Thanks for your help!:rolleyes:
  11. Welcome to the forum!
    Please, don't buy fakes! I've just bought my first LV item, a monogram Lockit, and I'm so happy with it! You can try to save money to buy an original'll be much more satisfied with it!! :yes:
  12. Just remember that is the ONLY web site in the United States to sell new, authentic Louis Vuitton. Period. LV does not wholesale, outlet, or discount, EVER.

    There are many reputable re-sellers of authentic LV out there, but you must do diligent research and educate yourself. If you find a bag you like on eBay, make sure you post the auction in the "Authenticate This" thread.
  13. Please dont buy a fake! A speedy is a great choice for a first LV bag and you will be able to enjoy it for years to come!
  14. Welcome! There is so much to learn here...I am sure you will find the bag for you.
  15. Welcome to TPF, you will love it here. I can understanding not knowing about bags and thinking oh I will just get a really good fake, but now that you have researched the brand and see how well they are made ,and how they stand by thier products , I am sure you will never want to buy a fake. Read alot on here , ask questions and you will find a perfect style and bag that fits your needs.