New to this section......where can you buy these bags??

  1. Is there an online site you can buy them from or can you recommend stores in Southern California, Los Angeles area I can go to??
  2. I want one like this but in black

  3. or this one
  4. also how much do these bags run.........compared to LV?? Do they have matching wallets?? Thanks!
  5. hi spacytracy!

    you should definitely check out atelier.naff ... this is our bible to colors, styles, places to find, and checking authenticy of Bbags!

    If you want a bag in black, you will be able to find it rather easily, since they have black bags every season. The other colors on the other hand only appear for one season only and your only chance to get them afterwards is on eBay.

    About buying online: Balenciaga does not allow stores to put pictures of the bags up, but what you can do is email them, and they will send you a file with all the Bbags they have currently. I have never ordered from Aloha Rag (located in HI) but a lot a ladies here have been very happy with their customer service, so here is their website where you can find phone no and email: aloha rag online select shop :: faq

    A great plus: they don`t charge sales tax, unless you have it shipped to Hawaii :yes:

    Soooo, good luck with finding your dream bag and welcome!
  6. The best thing I think you can do is just play on this forum for a little while... use the search function (there's even a thread on "where to buy bbags when you are in... :yes:) , go through the threads with pictures in them like "documenting bbag colors" or "pics wearing your bbags" etc. and just play! Have fun!

  7. I think that thread is gone since it was in the Achtung section? Or not? I´m not sure anymore all of a sudden...
  8. i don't know if this is off topic... but i like the fact that bbags are not so easily attainable (ex. you can't just order them from eluxury or NAP) makes them just a little more special. :yes:

    spacy- to answer your question, they do have matching wallets. and they seem to run more the the LV mono series, but not quite a much as the MC series. So they would be about in between.

    I used to be LV obsessed (my mom bought me a mono Speedy 25 for my birthday) but then I moved on to bbags! It was ALL over from then.
  9. It seems very intriguing that they are so difficult to find!
  10. ^air- trust me it's hard... esp for older bbags... some of us are eBay hounds looking for FB's or peweter hardware. and when one is up for auction.. people go crazy!!!!!!
  11. spacy, check out atelier.naff: Where to buy Balenciaga bags when you are in..., which lists the places from where you can purchase Bbags. One of the listings just might be close to you. One advantage of purchasing from Aloha Rag or BalNY is that they don't charge shipping (for purchases over $500, which most if not all Bbags are), nor do you get charged sales tax, and the bags get to you within 4-5 days. Good luck on your search!