New to this section and looking for shopping tips

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  1. for online suppliers. Preferably Europe so I don't have to pay customs ;)
    I've fallen totally in love with the Vert D'eau colour, and I've seen one on eBay but it finishes before I'll have the funds :push:

    Please help me find my perfect Balenciaga :heart:
  2. bump......

    can anyone help?
    and also although both are kinda pricey.

    There's also (based in Japan) - lots of PF'ers have shopped there and have pleasant experiences.
  4. Hi, thanks for the links. Could you tell me what you mean by regular hardware? :shame:
  5. AR offer free shipping for goods over $500!
  6. I've bought from and they will send your item as a gift with reduced value to avoid custom charges. They are quick and good customer service. Some items are reasonable and some a bit pricey.
  7. has a good selection of Balenciaga, but not sure if they have vert d'eau. You could check their on line site. No customs as they are in Italy!

    Balenciaga launched a new range of bags with bigger sized hardware in gold this season. It is referred to as Giant Hardware (kind of looks like thimbles) When they say regular hardware, they are referring to the usual small metal detail that Balenciaga has made for the past seasons.

    Hope this helps:smile: