New to there a site for retired bags?

  1. I bought my first Coach purchase at the outlet a week ago. I'm in love. I got the mini-Signature Soho East West bag in khaki/saddle (I think), the envelope wallet, a small change purse, and a small hipster style that you wear across the body. All of it is the same pattern and color.

    Now I'm hooked. I love looking at the bags on eBay. I'm also planning another trip to the outlet soon. My question there a website that shows the retired styles of bags that are maybe available on eBay or at the outlets?

  2. not really. the closest thing is this:*/

    you can browse around to see some older bags, not all of the links work, and it's not perfect, but it's fun to look at

    the other option is this

    take out the 8a65 and start just sticking 4 digit or 5 digit numbers in there and see what comes up. not all numbers will be something, but its fun to play with