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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm brand new in this forum, and after reading some threads for a week or so I decided to join too :biggrin: i was actually introduced to this forum by another member, yeuxhonnetes, who is in fact my first cousin :rochard:Unlike her parents, mine arent exactly rolling in the dough, so i cant really afford many designer bags yet. But one day when i'm a successful psychologist I'll be able start my own collection!

    i absolutely love LV and dior, especially when i've seen my cousin's incredible collection. the only LV item I own right now is a monogram wapity my parents gave me for my 21st b'day. I dont use it a lot because it is my very first LV and i really baby it:love:

    i'll post pictures of whatever items I have soon, which really isn;t many :shame: compared to some of you. but until then, I just wanted to say HI!!!! :yahoo:
  2. Welcome to the PF!
  3. ahahahahahah so you've finally decided to join the forum :lol:!

    i knew i'd rub off on you eventually :graucho:

  4. oh and P/S: be careful. too much exposure to this forum may result in a drastic expansion to your collection, regardless of how small is may be now :P. you'll be putting that wapity into a BAG soon!
  5. no kidding...I think everyone who has joined this forum and religiously checks it everyday has expanded there collection by 200% hahahhahahaa....but HELLO...WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!
  6. Welcome To The Purse Forum.....So Happy You Are Here!
  7. Welcome to PF!
  8. Welcome to the Forum Midnight :yahoo:
  9. Welcome!!
  10. Great aim :amuse:
  11. Welcome to PF
  12. Not me :P

    Ever since I joined PF, I've sold 4 LV bags and 3 cles. But then I've also bought an agenda plus a pochette to make up for it.

    BTW, welcomes =)
  13. Welcome! I'm a newbie too!
  14. Welcome!!:biggrin:
  15. welcome ....
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