New to this forum!

  1. Hi all! I just stumbled across this forum by accident while doing a search for the Voodoo Babies thread.

    I don't know anything about Tokidoki, but I looked at some posts and really like the Inferno print. The picture of that little devil roasting a weiner on a stick really did it for me! :nuts:

    Anyways, anyone know where I can buy Tokidoki in Canada and whether the Inferno print is discontinued? Any other information about Tokidoki would be appreciated. :flowers:
  2. Me too! :nuts: Thanks for the link. I'll probably check out The Satchel Shop at Park Royal!
  3. No problem! btw I called Voltage today and they are sold out of the bags; apparently the collaboration was for the spring/summer season and they're not getting anymore. They did just get in the new hoodies, though!

    Maybe someday we'll run into one another and be like "that's right, our Tokis are REAL" :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for the links! I want an Inferno Caramella! I also like the Dolce and Bambino. So I guess the only way to get it is through eBay. :tdown: Do you know what the retail prices are? TIA!
  5. welcome !!!!
  6. I also like the SPIAGGIA line! That monkey and unicorn are cute!
  7. I bought my first bag today, and it was a Spiaggia! It's definitely one of my top three prints! (The other two being Citta Rosa and Pirata).
  8. Cool, which bag did you get and where did you buy it? :nuts:
  9. Does the Seattle outlet ship to Canada? They have some inferno, that is marked 40% off. I love Vancouver it is so beautiful!
  10. Arnott, sometimes you can email them and ask. :smile:

    Here are two more Inferno Bambinos:

    BIN 121CDN:
    Ending tomorrow, no bids, currently 99 (I bought my bag from this seller):

    I'm going to Bellingham this weekend to buy fall clothes; I might have to drop into Macy's and see if there's anything there.