New To This Forum- Question About Chloe Purse

  1. I'm new to this forum, but I looove Chloe purses. I'm in college and I need a BIG bag to hold my books/laptop/etc. Anyone have any suggetions for a good Chloe purse for this purpose?!

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. to be totally honest, most chloe bags are a little heavy as it is so I am not sure if adding books and laptop to the equation is a good idea!!!

    BTW, I have a few chloe bags and its my favourite designer brand by far!
  3. The larger Tracy tote could hold a laptop and is a gorgeous bag.
  4. Hi there bjealous! Welcome to Chloe!! the Tekla will hold a laptop from what I gather - but it is lamb leather and reasonably light - but.....the leather may not be able to stand the weight, as its quite thin. Might be worth having a look though - The Edith too should hold a laptop - and you can get one with the removable shoulder strap. Weightier though than a Tekla, but probably better in terms of 'wear'.
  5. I think the Edith would be an excellent college bag - it looks like it can hold books and notebooks quite well. I don't think it ought to be overloaded w/ books and a laptop and too many heavy things, though..hehe. =)
  6. haha.. I love it, but it just looks too heavy. Also, it may not be quite big enough. It is adorable though. Thanks :]
  7. The Tekla is gorgeous.. It looks big enough. I will have to see one in person to see the width of the leather.

    The Beata looks too small..
  8. ^That is a really pretty bag!! You should get it!
  9. My big Paddy capsule tote with the small lock would work, I guess. The pictures are buried somewhere in a post. Are you sure you WANT to load a bag down with all that stuff? It kills me that my DD stuffs her Bay with books between classes. That's a lot of wear and tear!
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure that I would want to do that if I paid that much for a purse :/
    But I've been looking at a couple other brands for that purpose, such as a Kate Spade tote, I forgot the name of it. It's not as expensive/cute, so I wouldn't mind the wear and tear as much.