New to this and looking for my first handbag and purse

  1. Hello,

    first of all I hope i'm posting in the right place...I've just discovered this site and i'm loving it!!! thank you

    I'm looking at purchasing my first designer handbag and purse... I've never owned a designer bag before (closest I think I had was a JAG purse in the 90's)... anywayz I'm looking at a mid range as I can only dream of owning a LV at the moment.

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some suggestions... I'd like to match a coin purse/wallet and handbag and then maybe some accessories later on... but seeing this will be my first purchase I don't want to look like a tool either... hence why I came here!!

    Does anyone have any suggestions to what I could start out with that has a matching range... and also where would be the best place to purchase online because i'm about 2 hours outside of St Louis MO in the middle of nowhere until May.

    I appreciate the help

  2. if u like LV u can check for online shopping :smile:
  3. thanx for the response...

    unfortunately I can only "DREAM" of owning one... hehehe... it's not in the budget yet so I need something more in my price range... would only like to spend $100-$200 for a bag
  4. what kind of bag r u looking for? tote? shoulder?
    small? medium? big? leather?
  5. oh... sorry about that..

    I'm looking for a shoulder bag... I guess small/medium

    and a zip wallet and coin purse

    I don't like tassles or anything shiney...

    Edit: leather or canvas would be alright too... jeez sounds like i'm so picky now that I think about it
  6. I just joined last month and got a lot of great feedback, plus I was shopping in the same price range. I was steered towards Tano for my first purchase and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first bag and wallet that should be here today! I dont know your style, but I think its worth checking out.

    Try: - they have Tano and the code "grechen" will get you 20% off! - the owner, Alexandra, will give a TPF member a discount, and she is on here as TanoExpert if you have questions about Tano in general.

    I went with the Over Extended Wallet in Beujolais and the Fonzworth Tote in Tango Red, but there are a lot of choices and great colors to pick from.
  7. thank you I will check it out...

    I've always been just a plain/black kinda person... yeah boring I know but it goes with everything and it's simple... I luv LV cherry blossom monogram... thats about as adventurous as I'd go... but the chances of me ever owning one of those are 1 in a million.... so I need something else to get me by until one day I get that LV
  8. I have some nice Lucky Brand purses in black and red. The leather is nice and they are around that price for a casual purse.
  9. slidegirlclass, awesome site ;)

    this looks cute :

  10. I just got an email today that the French Nanny in Pool (that first bag) is available for purchase from, and of course I just bought 2 bags and a wallet so i have to wait a while, but it is definitely a great color for spring!
  11. i'm wondering bout this tano at lunaboston site, the style is very much like the chanel coco cabas that i love very much, but sometimes wearing the chanel hurts my shoulder LOL, this looks comfy to wear
  12. For $100 - $200 range, I would suggest maybe looking on eBay for Koobas, Botkiers, Rebecca Minkoffs or Hayden Harnetts. They are all fabulously made and don't have a lot of fakes out there :smile: Good luck and let us know what you decide one :smile:
    Btw, Hayden Harnett has lots of colorful wallets that match their handbags :smile:
  13. those are lovely bags but a bit bigger than i'm looking for...

    what do you think of coach? as I said I'm very new to this and i'd like anyones opinion or view.
  14. Carmen: thanx for that... I'll check them out
  15. If you like the monogram look then Coach is a good place to start. They're kind of like starter bags before you get up to LV, though some of the bags are getting up there in price. How about these?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]