New to these parts- looking for advice

  1. Howdy ya'll.! I'm checking the Purse Forum on behalf of my wife, (unknown to her). I'm looking for a moderately priced bag for her for Christmas. She generally likes the satchel style, and is conservative in her tastes. Any input is appreciated:yes:
  2. What is your price range? then I'm sure you'll be able to get some styles sugessted there.
  3. What brand names have she thrown around?
    Brand loyalty is as important as the price itself.

    If a guy wants a truck and he is a Chevy fan, don't get him a Ford. :p
  4. hey !
  5. Welcome!
  6. Welcome! I don't have any knowlege of that brand but I bid you good luck and I think that is a wonderful gesture. No woman can have too many handbags :love::love:
  7. In the past she has Louis Vitton, Coach, and Dooney & Bourke. She wore out the L.V. and D&B. She packs a lot of stuff in the bag, and I believe she is partial to the D&B -likes the flexibility of hand and shoulder straps. Price range $300-400
  8. I wanted to thank everyone for the tremendous response. I guess I will look elsewhere
  9. Welcome! You may want to post your question under the general handbag and purses subforum and you will probably get lots of great suggestions.