New to the YSL Forum, hallo!

  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce myself -
    I am new to this forum but have been posting on LV and BV for a little while.

    I'm a big fan of YSL's design so I thought to perhaps partake in some of the discussion here, or at least if anything visit and learn more!

    Some facts about me and YSL:
    • My interest in YSL started this year
    • All of my YSL bags are black, either black calf or black patent
    • I think YSL has fabulous designs but needs to do a better job with their branding
    • YSL has great customer service! They gave me 10% off my last purchase because they messed up on a previous order
    • My favorite YSL bag is the St. Tropez in small black
    • My most recent YSL is the black OS muse
    • I buy most of my YSL at department stores
  2. Bunkie, welcome to YSL world!!
  3. Hi there, Bunkie! you're a lot more informed than I am and way more ahead in the collecting game - I just have two YSL bags so far, both purchased this month. That's great news about the good CS - seems to be such a rarity these days.

    We'd love to see pics of your bags (especially your favorite St. Tropez)
  4. Welcome Bunkie, and congrats on your Oversize Muse! :flowers: I've got one too and I love it.
  5. Hey Bunkie, good to see you here. I'm also pretty new myself to YSL. The bags are really classic and chic. And the shoes are truly TDF. Real comfortable too.
  6. Hi Bunkie!

    Good to have you here! :smile:
  7. Thanks, everyone!
  8. Hey, ms piggy!! Great to see a familiar face!!
    Really on the shoes? I better check them out, b/c I know you have killer taste.
  9. :blush: