new to the site-what was ur first purchase,,, an other questions

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  1. Hi im new to the site
    I love handbags in general but im new to the luxury end of bag collecting

    I just wanted to know.. what was the first bag you purchased?
    what is your most favorite out of your collection?

    an also
    in your collection is there any bag you regret buying an why?

  2. Great questions, Sheri! Welcome to the site.

    Throughout highschool, I had a dozen or so little Coach purses.

    When I was 20 I bought my first "big bag," which was a Chanel caviar totebag.

    Currently there aren't any bags I regret buying. The second I start to dislike a bag, it goes on ebay.
  3. my first major purchase was the monogram cerises speedy.........

    i have like the worst buyer's regret ever.......if it costs more than $50, after i buy it i'm always like i shouldn't have bought it i should return it i don't like it.....but if i do return it i always end up regretting so i've learned to ignore myself :biggrin:

    i try to keep every bag purchase i make because i know deep down i wouldn't have bought it if i didn't like it......
  4. I started my bag obsession collecting Isabella Fiore bags when they first came out. They were beautifully made and intricately beaded. I bought four or five over time and never used any of them because I thought they were too special for my casual lifestyle. They were like pieces of art. Eventually I sold them all, putting the $$$ toward new (and more expensive) bags.

    I can't remember which designer bag was my first big purchase--it was either my Prada, which I still love and use, or a Marc Jacobs satchel I ended up selling brand new because it was too heavy. I loved that MJ bag (it was black with pink stitching and a vibrant pink suede interior), but it's size and weight made it the wrong choice for me.

    Now I try to limit my purchases to bags I can really use and enjoy. Now matter how much I love the style and look of a bag, if I won't love actually carrying it, I won't buy it (okay, maybe I'll buy it then return it when I come to my senses).

    When a bag looks great and fits my lifestyle I never have regret. The best advice I can give is buy what you love, not what the fashion editors are pushing or the starlets are wearing--though you will likely fall in love with some of these bags too.

    As for my favorite has to be my chocolate brown BV woven knotted hobo. This bag has a casual elegance I love, not to mention the softest leather I've ever felt. After carrying this bag for a season I loved it so much I bought the same one in white. If they still made it, I'd buy it in black, too!
  5. my first purchase was the LV black epi jasmine. i regret the black epi backpack, which i have used 2-3 times. any takers? ha ha
  6. my first designer bag was a black coach hobo (still a bag i enjoy very much, it's held up nicely) and my first super-high-end bag was my pewter balenciaga :biggrin:. i don't regret any of my bags, but my collection is fairly small because i just got into them a couple months ago (that, and i'm po')
  7. My first "designer" purchase was a Fendi, which I still have and love to this day. I was...19 then, I think.

    I don't regret any purchases really. Although I'm a lot like jc2239. HAHA.
  8. at least i'm not the only one......i drive my loved ones INSANE with my maybe i shoudln't have gotten i did the right thing....well maybe not....nooooo.... yes?.......:P
  9. Hahaha, I'm doing it with my new prada wallet! Maybe I should have waited and bought some else...but no, I love it...but the pockets aren't practical...but the leather is PERFECT! :P
  10. what was the first bag you purchased? Some no designer name brand years ago....first name brand was kate spade.

    what is your most favorite out of your collection? It's going to be my Speedy!

    in your collection is there any bag you regret buying an why? Nothing yet.
  11. I DROOLED over that BV bag at my local Nordy's and when I finally decided to get it--it was GONE!!!
  12. First big purchase - LV Damier Soho backpack

    Favorite of my collection - Love LOVE MJ Stam

    Any regrets of past purchase- Ferragamo Gancini Buckle Shoulder Bag/Clutch that I bought for $1500 in Asia, only to realize that I paid almost 2x of retail being sold at NM for $790 (this happens w/many luxury brands in Asia, the cost is inflated ridiculously!). Now I'm trying to get rid of this new thing since I got another black evening bag and I can't seem to even sell it for 1/3 the price I paid. :sad:
  13. My first designer purchase was a black balenciaga city bag. I called the store up and felt like I was on top of the world. It's what started my addiction. My newest bag is my Stam which I purchased 2 days ago. I haven't taken it out for a ride yet, but I can't wait.
  14. My first designer purchase was an Isabella Fiore, but my first real luxury bag was a LV mono speedy 25.

    As far as my favorite... that's a tough choice... but I'd have to say it's my LV ceries speedy, just because it's a limited edition.

    I don't regret any of my purchases, but there are some purses I wish I had purchased that I didn't.
  15. First designer purchase: Coach long wallet. I remember I was so excited that I couldn't sleep for days.

    Favorite bags (I have 2 in mind): Burberry barrel and LV damier papillon (I love barrel-style bags).

    Regretful purchase: this little Fendi hobo that I want to get rid of soon.