New to the site: my collection, Gucci, Prada, Fendi

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  1. Hi there, I joined on this week and I've posted before on the Fendi strand but I wanted to say hello to everyone. What a brilliant, friendly site.

    Here's my small collection of bags (I have 160 but these are the only designer ones). I got a Spy on Friday which is my absolute favourite but I also love the Gucci.

    I'm also attaching a pic of my cat Oscar looking at my Spy with longing. He's not allowed anywhere near it (not since he scratched the Prada)!
    CIMG0815.JPG CIMG0826.JPG
  2. Love the bags, and that cat is one of the prettiest animals I've ever seen!!!
  3. Love the gucci.
  4. love that Spy!! the cat is lookin cute too!!
  5. Very nice!
  6. O.O wow..your cat looks almost identical to a cat I had years ago :'( *she died* such a pretty cat /wipes tear .
    Love your bags of course :smile:
  7. Thanks for your warm comments about my bags and my cat. I love them all!

    Oscar is two and I've only had him since December. Before I had him he spent all of his life in pens as the breeders who owned him and his 13 brothers and sisters split up and sent them all to a rescue centre. So he think's he's in heaven living with me.

    He's a silver chinchilla persian and is lovely!
  8. Lovely collection. Adore your persian!! I have a himalayan persian.
  9. Aww :love: that's wonderful! that he's found a good home now ^^
    wishing you the best times with your cute kitty :biggrin: I just wana hug him hehe :smile:
  10. I love the look that Oscar has in the picture. :roflmfao:
    My cats aren't allowed near my purses either, they bite any tassles, but haven't scratched anything yet.
  11. Aww, your cat is so cute! Beautiful Fendi collection. Btw, Welcome To TPF! Big Hugz To U!!
  12. i LOVE the pic with your cat. you should post it in animalicious!
  13. Karen great collection. I love your spy and that Gucci I have wanted for ages!

    Congrats and thanks for posting
  14. Complimets for your collection and your cat, he's so cute! And welcome!
  15. nice collection and welcome :welcome: