New to the site - got Spy on Friday

  1. Hi there

    I just wanted to say hello - what a brilliant site!

    I got my Spy on Friday from Harrods - the Zucca with leather trim. I've been a bit worried about some of the comments I've read about durability etc. In fact, it was the last one in the store and the leather is a little worn around the opening but I'm going to use it as much as I can - its first trip out was in the basket on the front of my bike!

    I also have a black Mama, a Gucci hobo and a black leather Prada (don't know the name). After the Spy though, that's it for a while - I'm cleaned out! Also, it's the best of the lot and I'm content with my collection - for a while anyway!

    I have over 150 other bags, not designer. I just love bags but once you've got the Spy you don't want to use anything else!
  2. Hi and welcome! Congratulations on your Spy purchase. They are wonderful bags.
  3. Welcome! Photos please...! you can host via
  4. Congratulations on your purchase.
  5. Karen, welcome to tPF!:welcome:

    CONGRATS on the fabulous buy! SPY is one gorgeous bag! IMHO, spy leather only looks better with age:love: so I wouldn't worry about the opening looking worn (unless, of course, it really bothers you).
  6. Hello and welcome, I was in Harrods on Saturday have a really nice collection.

    Congrats on a lovely bag
  7. ahhh big welcome to you Karen, great to have another London lass here :biggrin:

    so glad you are loving your new bag. They are gorgeous, and so deserve to be used at every opportunity.

  8. Hi L.K. and congrats! Sounds like you got my fav spy, the zucca and brown leather! That's too cute, that you took it for a ride on your bike. I just imagine you riding around London like Lily Allen in LDN (not the video where she's walkin'). You and your bag, have fun!
  9. Congrats Karen and welcome to TPF!! Would love to see pics of your Spy!!
  10. Welcom Karen - nice to see another Uker on here

    Congrats on the bag - post pics if you get a chance
  11. Congrats!
  12. Congrat's & welcome to tPF!!! I just got the Zucca spy myself! I love it!
  13. congrats and welcome, I have a baby zucca spy, love it :smile:
  14. Welcome Karen! And yes, the Spy is da BOMBE!
  15. Wow, what a lovely welcome - thanks so much guys!

    The Spy has come into work with me again today on the bike, wrapped up in the dustbag and another carrier bag for protection and security!

    I was a bit worried after I got the bag, thinking that it was too pricey to use all the time, but it deserves to be used and shown off!!

    I'll certainly post some pix next week as I'm mainly online at work and don't have all the gear here to upload a pic from my camera.

    Thanks again for making me feel so welcome and making me feel that it's totally normal to be bag obsessed! :yahoo: