New to the Muse...what size to get. HELP!

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  1. Hi YSL ladies
    I'm new to the Muse, I've got a Rive Gauche and a Downtown but have my eye on an o/s muse in black patent. I like a big bag but I'm slightly worried the O/S is really huge! I am about 5.7" and always always wear heels so won't dwarf my frame. I know the muse and downtown are totally different but I'm more than happy with the size of my downtown and wouldn't mind if the o/s muse were a bit bigger than that.
    Can I have your expert opinions please !?? I want to buy the bag asap so any thoughts from Muse afficionados would be great.
    Also the patent seems quite textured and not too smooth and glossy (which can look a bit plastic on some bags) on the muse. Again, what do patent muse owners think? would you say the A/W patent leather is a little crinkly and not too OTT full on gloss.
    Thank ladies, Sorry for all the questions ! x Bag it Baby
  2. Hey! I own the Large size which is plenty big for me. However, I'm only 5'4". ALOT of ladies here, including myself, Love the O/S shape. It's longer, than the Large but I think the width is the same, and really shows off the Y design.

    As for the patent, I have the patent quilted tribute. I'm not sure if it's the same type of material but I really like it. The patent leather is really soft and not as stiff as others that I've seen. I don't think you need to worry about the quality =)
  3. The patent O/S muse is awesome. It's the same size as my medium patent downtown(I had them on each arm at the store). Being 5'7" you should have no issues with this bag's size or shape. I'm only 5'1" but I loved it! Were it not for the fact I own the medium downtown and large quilted croc tribute in both black patent already, I would've bought the O/S muse I was trying on. TDF!
  4. I am 5'7 and have an O/s chocolate. You should have no problem with the size. BTW, the patent muse is TDF.
  5. go for it!!! i bought a patent o/s muse in black 2 monthes ago...i really love's not big for ur height i think...coz i am as tall as u...but i dont wear heels...and it looks perfect on