New to the Mulberry forum - need help on color for Bayswater

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have considered everything from the Chloe quilted bay to the Chanel Cerf only to visit this forum and love the Bayswater. My only concern now is what color to get. I normally lean towards dark browns, but find the purple leather Bayswater to be just spectacular. Would it be difficult to get this bag in the states? Please help me decide on a color. Thanks!
  2. Bayswater is the classic Mulberry and the stores over there do seem to have a good range. You can also buy through the Mulberry website -
    The purple is a fantastic colour. Why don't you have a look at the website as it has the Bayswater in all the colours and designs that it comes in - something may well jump out at you.
  3. Oooo,hello!!! The purple batswater is just to die for!!! If it helps I have always lent towards the safer colors browns etc,but know I have been getting to know Mulberry and its quality of manufacture and I an too dead set on getting a more colorful bag.I don't own a bayswater,but I am very keen to do so at some point,but there are lots of lovely ladies on here who do own them,one lady springs to mind for purple-DBclam,I'm sure when she sees the thread title she'll drop by!! There is also a lady called Jo with a Bayswater,and a US lady called Kroquet with one,she may be able to locate one over there?I'm sure Sarajane has one too,in fact its such a popular bag I'll step aside and and watch all the posts you get!! Great choice and good luck!!!xxxxxxxxxx
  4. Hahaha!! Beat me to it!!I am right that you have a bayswater tho?xxx

  5. Funnily enough I don't have a Bayswater. I'm not sure why, I think it's a great bag but something else always seems to catch my eye. Oh heck, now you'll have me wondering if I should add a Bayswater to my collection, it would certainly be a great bag for when I'm trotting off to meetings & photo calls.
  6. Hello! I just purchased my first Mulberry (black Bayswater) and did so by phoning the store in Atlantic City. I happened to get mine at 20% off! The purple looks gorgeous and the Mulberry leather is TDF. I had only seen 1 IRL, the Elgin and just could not get that leather out of my mind. I have seen a red glove leather bayswater on eBay UK that was really lovely.
    Go the the Mulberry site and look under the store listing and call them! I hope you are lucky and have a store close by! Sadly, I do not and am always sooo jealous of the other ladies who have the outlets!!
  7. :tup::tup: Maybe a red one!!! Oooooh, sorry to pester you !! I just can't help myself!!!!!

  8. Kroquet, you are absolutely right. The more I think about it, a red Bayswater would fit my lifestyle better than a red Mabel. It's also more under the radar and I wouldn't be fretting it was going to be 'over' next year. Uh oh, think I could be in trouble here!
  9. :tup:
    :tup: I think that would be fab!! I remember posting that red bag on the "authenticate this" thread and it came back as good. Think it sold four under 250 pounds, too!! Go for it!!
  10. Red isn't in the current collection so it's likely I can pick one up at Shepton. I shall keep my eyes open on my next trip!
  11. I looked back at my posts and that red Bayswater sold for under $310.00 pounds and was listed by 2go2! It really was nice looking and very much a classic! I came across the khaki Somerset tote on the Mulberry site and like it, but it doesn't close all the way and that concerns me. Maybe after the new year, I will be on the look out for a Roxanne in olive!
  12. Fab!! You have lots of smallish bags,and I really could see you with a Bayswater esp in red!!! And its such a classic bag!!!

    Anyway back to the young ladies question!! She'll think we're all nuts!!!

    (I know we are of course!!):roflmfao:
  13. A chocolate brown bayswater is gorgeous and classic and according to someone on here patina's to the colour of Godiva chocolate! ( i have the ivy leaf chocolate bayswater - or at least I'll be able to get it out of the wardrobe on xmas day!!)
  14. :girlsigh:Ummm, Godiva chocolate!! Choco bayswater.. I'm sure that would be gorgeous. What about the oak? Wouldn't that color age nicely???
  15. I have just gone back on a previous page and found a thread called Beautiful Bayswater Club,have a look on there!! xxxxxxxxx