New to the Gooch!

  1. So, for a long while I have been eyeing these Gucci trainers from a shop near me, just waiting that some day they might be reduced in a sale! Well this winter they were, and so I couldn't resist.:yahoo: I'm normally a Louis Vuitton guy, but I thought meh,:shrugs: why not try something different! So I thought I would post a picture of my first Gucci, I just hope they are real (I'm pretty confident they are!)

    Also because they were the last pair, they were the display pair, and consequently the right shoe is a bit grubbier, anyone know how to safely clean suede?

    Who knows? This may be the first of many more to come!!!
    Gucci1.jpg Gucci2.jpg Gucci3.jpg Gucci4.jpg Gucci5.jpg
  2. :graucho: Sweet..I love shoes myself...great choice...As for cleaning the sued you can get a kit that comes w/ a suede 'eraser' and stiff brush...The 'eraser' is two-sided: One side is for heavily soiled areas and the other for light cleaning....You rub the bar on the suede until the dirt is gone, then use the brush to pull up the knap of the suede....I have a few of them that came with Coach bags I've purchased throught the years..I know you can order it through them or I'm sure you can go to a shoe repair and purchase there.....Just keep the suede dry..Don't wear on rainy days...Don't walk through puddles or wet grass etc....They should hold up well.....Keep them clean or you can take them periodically to a shoe repair and they can do it for you...Congrats and enjoy!!! :heart: Emmy
  3. ^ Emmy's an expert... she's great at keeping her bags in tip top shape. A lot of other girls have had success with suede cleaners, so I think you'll be ok as long as you clean the shoes regularly!
  4. nice, congrats!
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Nice shoes, enjoy! I love the title of your thread, made me laugh. :p