New to the forums!

  1. First of all, I want to salute everyone
    I'm new to the forums ,....

    hi, no one is allowed to link their own auctions here.
  2. I know nothing about designer clothing, so can't help you there. Just wanted to welcome you to the Purse Forum.
  3. You might get help on the Chanel sub-forum. I know a little more about some other designer bags, so when I shop eBay, I would want the size, condition, if it's new or used, photos of sides and bottom of bag, interior including any Chanel markings or tags to prove authenticity (since there are so many fakes on eBay). I think they have a hologram? And isn't there a card and tag that have numbers that are supposed to match? Not sure, but bidders might want to see those if you have them. that's a start, but go over to the Chanel forum and ask for help. Good luck!
  4. Right, right. I have a lot of experience in sellin purses online, but many times I do not know the name of the purse. I understand each purse actually has a name that people specifically search for! Boxermom, I appreciate all your help, thanks!
  5. great looking bag! have not seen that style in the chanel reference forum, so you might want to post the pic and ask if they experts are familiar with it. if you have the original tag, it should say what style it is and the year.