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  1. Hello all I am new to the forum. Just wanted to introduce myself, I also had some questions ...have any of you ever shopped at ?? I just ordered a bag off the website and paid through paypal. I received confirmation of my order but I am starting to wonder if these are fakes, I don't see anywhere that it states that they are "inspired"/"immitation" so it would be assumed that they are authentic however the fact that there are no up close shots of the bags aside from the stock photos makes me skeptical I am very wary about buying things online and this is why.:sad:
  2. Definitely fake! is the ONLY authorized Louis Vuitton dealer on the Web :s
  3. "We stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!!! The quality and craftsmanship is always top quality, and we guarantee the value of our products."

    Centuri Bags

    Nowhere does it talk about authenticity... Murakami Alma $140.00? Yeah, right :roflmfao:
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  5. Absolutely fake. If it sounds too good to be true, it is :sad: Many of the bags are 90%+ off of retail (like the LV Multicolore line). Sounds like you got scammed.

    This was especially laughable:
    Hermes Cognac Crocodile Birkin - $600.00
    Centuri Bags
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