New to the forum!!

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    I just joined the forum, but have been reading this website for the past few months (it definitely helped me procrastinate during finals last semester!). I just wanted to say hi but also ask a question regarding Coach Outlets. I have only ever bought my Coach bags in the regular store or Nordstrom, and everytime I walked into an outlet I never found that the bags were on par in style or selection with the regular stores. But, from reading this forum and others it seems that in the past few years the outlets have become a great place to get some of the last couple season Coach bags (Hamptons, Dot) at a great price. I'm going up to Woodbury Commons next weekend (in NY) with my roommate to try and see what we can find, and since I haven't been there in so long I wanted to know if I could expect to see some good bags. Can anyone help me and let me know what the selection has been like in the outlets lately?

    PS: I look at this forum nonstop all day- so happy to have fellow bag-lovers out there!
  2. Wow, lucky girl, I'd love to go to that fine outlet. I'm not sure what the selection of Coach is like (I've heard that the outlets have the Fish bags though, if that floats your boat !).. but remember to bring lots of $$$, since there's a Dior, Fendi, Gucci and Chanel outlet there as well !

    And finally, welcome ! :smile:
  3. Thanks Ayla :biggrin:
    It will be the first time at these outlets, so I am pretty excited because I hear they are amazing. I am currently suffering through my first year of law school and am excited at the prospect of all the great stuff at these outlets! :love:
  4. Have fun @ woodbury commons :biggrin: I've always wanted to go check it out, hopefully I'll get to go there soon. The outlets here SUCK! Even our Coach outlet is any case, welcome to the forum! :biggrin:
  5. I wanted to go to that outlet too! There's lots of other brands there that I would abcolutely love!!! Lucky you!!!
  6. Those outlets kick ass. Me and my husband go down there a couple of times a year even though it's four hours away from us.
  7. Hi, welcome to the forum Lauren!!! You are surely to become an unabashed PF addict before long! Anyways, regarding your coach question at Woodbury Commons, I was actually there last year during the holiday season. It is a pretty spacious store with a wide variation of merchandise. I don't know if this was due to the holiday season in particular, but the sales/prices they had going on was incredible!!! A testiment to this was the huge long line out the entrance of the store. The coach SA's were trying to regulate the the number of customers into the store to prevent a flood over the maximum holding capacity!
  8. there is a huge variation of goods for "bags" in these outlet stores.....some of these store like Bottega and Ferragamo were a huge disappointment...anyways, have fun!
  9. Wow thanks so much for the responses guys!! I've lived in NJ my whole life but have never made the trip up to the outlets, you have all gotten me so excited to go!! :biggrin:
  10. Tell us what you find! Wish I could go too!
  11. yeah, document your sightings!!:amuse:

  12. Welcome to the forum! It's like another family!:biggrin: :biggrin:
  13. Welcome Lauren!

    I think if you have a particular bag in mind, it doesn't hurt to check in with them to see if they have it in stock. In any case, they have some really great stores there, and I am sure that you'll find something you love!
  14. Thanks guys for all of your help!
    In your experience with outlet stores such as Coach, is the handbag selection typically seasonal? Like for example, do you think I would be more likely to find bags from the Fall 2005/Winter 2005 collection than ones from the summer, or is that not that case?
  15. Ah, the joy of being a 1L. Been there. Don't worry, you will knock yourself out (and have tort nightmares) this year, and the next two will be a breeze. Welcome to the forum!