New to the forum - my hermes experience

  1. Hello All,
    I am new to the forum... I have to say I enjoy reading the posts from everyone about the Hermes bags. I would like to share my recent purchase on the HAC 32 bag (Cocoan color in Chevre de Commandel with GH) last month! At first I was not sure whether I should get a 30 or 35 birkin but once I saw this bag at the store, I couldn't help it but getting it right on the spot, knowing that once I walked out from the store, I wouldn't be seeing the bag anymore:sweatdrop: . I have to say it was a very difficult moment but glad that I've made the purchase.
    Today I went to the store and decided to accessorize my HAC. With the help from SA, I picked the yellow duck keychain. Meanwhile, I met a very nice SA and we chatted for almost half an hour! He even pulled out the leather sample book ('cuz I didn't bring my bag) and helped me to pick the keychain.
    I have to thank you all for the valuable information on the forum... without you guys help I don't know how I can make a decision on the bag and get the suggestions on all these fun stuff I can have on the bag! THANK YOU!!!!:p
  2. Welcome!...We need pictures!!!!
  3. Welcome birkinluver. Congratulations on your purchase!!!!!!! What a great choice, and how lucky you were to find it (and smart to score it!!!)

    If you have been on the board, I bet you know what comes next....
    :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Will you please post pics of your HAC?????? Pretty please??? It sounds lovely and how nice your SA sounds, too!

  4. ooooh, a duck keychain! I haven't seen one before - definitely post pics!
  5. Welcome birkinluver :yahoo:!! And congrats on your HAC! Great choice!!
  6. sorry for the long wait.. had trouble posting the pics.. now here you go..:smile:
    pic3.JPG pic4.JPG
  7. Duckie keychain! So cute!!
  8. wow!
  9. Beautiful HAC...That duck makes me smile!!!!
  10. Gorgeous, congrats!
  11. Your HAC is BEAUTIFUL!!! CONGRATS ON GETTING HER!!!! Your duckie is soooo cute!!! It's like a lil ray of sunshine!! Welcome to the H forum and thanks sooo much for sharing your pics!!!
  12. Welcome ! Gorgeous HAC and I love the duckie !
  13. WOW!! That HAC is beautiful. Geez, first Sweeteas and now this!!!
    It's HACDAY on the PF!!! You are so wonderful to post these pics for us!

    The duck is so darn cute, loveit on the bag.
    Congratulations to you, and again, welcome!!!!

  14. Beautiful HAC! Congrats!!! And WELCOME to the forum!
  15. drooling for that HAC!!! congrats shes lovelY!!!!!and welcome