New to the Forum, Is this an authentic Twiggy?

  1. Hello,

    I have been wanting to get a Balenciaga for awhile now. I just love the city and twiggy style. There is a Bordeaux Twiggy on right now. Can someone tell me if it is a real one. With reading a lot of the posts I know that this is a 2005 color. What is a reasonable price for this bag?
  2. that looks like ceejay's bag. she posted it at the marketplace and another member snagged it up! It looks good to me! The seller did mention purseforum in her auction. Wow, but it is way over priced! I remember ceejay selling it for usd 1000! Its listed for 1400!

    I purchased mine for 1100! That is way over priced!

    reason I know this b/c I was going to purcahse it but that person was a step ahead of me. and since then I was on a hunt for a bordeaux twiggy. and since ceejay's bag sold, there was only one for sell 2 months later and I snagged it up! hehehehe.
  3. That is what I thought. I sent her an offer of $1035. I don't want to pay over that. Hopefully she accepts. I love this bag!
    Thank you for the info. :yes: