new to the forum help please

  1. i want to own my first hermes but am ignorant .can u tell me a bag which is not very expensive and also not very big .any bag in hermes which has a zipped top .also any idea where u can get in U.k .
    thanks a lot
  2. How about a Berlingot? Put Berlingot in the search and you will find some pictures under "Any Berlingot Fans"
    It is a small bag, holds a lot, has zipper, and adjustable strap. I do not know the current price.
  3. Hi Uma! Welcome!
    The Garden Party comes in different sizes and starts around $1500+ (USD). But it has a snap top closure.
    The Massai is a shoulder bag with a zip closure but it is kinda big. ($2500 +)
    The Evelyne is a shoulder bag but doesn't have a zippered closure (snap) ($1675)
    The Jige clutch comes in a few different sizes.
    The Paris Bombay PM has a zip closure and is small. (around $3500 +)
    Hope this helps! :shame:
  4. Oh good one G, the Berlingot would be perfect. I forgot about that one!
  5. thanks golconda and crochetbella .any idea how much the berlingot is and also any idea of stores in UK ,i like that bag
  6. I am guessing it is around $2,000 USD. It is not a bag that is waitlisted, so you could make a few phone calls to try to find one. You can find stores on the Hermes website.
    I love the Berlingot.
  7. i cant seem to find the website it goes somewhere else..thanks
  8. Welcome! I'd check out the Paris Bombay (hand held) and the Trim (shoulder bag)