New to the forum (HANDS bag)

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  1. Hello everyone,
    My name is Michelle and I am new to this forum. I am also a Dooney lover (hence the screen name) :tup: My latest addition is the new "Hands" in white.. I have it in the small tassel bag. I've checked on the Dooney site and they are now sold out of many of their "hands" bags. If anyone is interested in this purse I may be able to get one for you, just let me know.

    Have a good day!

  2. I LOVE that line!! I can't decide which bag I want, but I'm definitely getting something in that print. Great find!

    And welcome!
  3. I like the black versions they've recently added to the Dooney website. I like the small duffle. I'm on a purse not sure how this is gonna play out. I'll figure something out though...I always do!
  4. welcome
  5. Yes Welcome to TPF! I should really post here more since I have a couple of these babys myself but I'm just always lurking in the LV forums since more seems to go down there.
  6. Welcome, great bag.
  7. Welcome! Lovely bag! Reminds me a bit of the 'splash' line which is now discontinued.

  8. You are not suppose to be selling on the site. Please read the rules. Thank YOU
  9. Thanks for the reply but I am not selling. I just know of a place local to me that always has the hard to find stuff and I am willing to help these ladies get in there to get a purse they may want.

    Next time you feel like someone might be violating the rules, just send them a PM to try and not crowd thier thread. Thanks.
  10. To everyone else, thank you for all the Welcomes and comments. Like I said in the above post, I have a place here in San Diego that doesnt sell to the general public so they have alot of the harder to find things in stock. If you need help finding anything let me know and I will see if I can find it for you, not sell it to you. :tup:
  11. I love this line! When I first saw it I thought about my students and how cute it would be a work